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O'REILLY + JAY INDUSTRIES UPDATE: just moved a bunch of art around in the house. tonight's jam: The Well-Tuned Piano, because fuck it, why not

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current status at O'Reilly + Jay Industries: blasting "Devilman No Uta" yet again because it's a fucking mental mosquito bite i have to scratch every ten minutes, apparently

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accursed damnable birdsite link. also i'm being pretty fucking furry in this toot so don't look, comics peers Show more

currently at o'reilly + jay industries: nero is flexing and yelling about how much he loves Chester, one of our cats

sometimes i think about starting a discord server for XW but like. what would i even DO with it

@wohali My brother's in a band - 1023MB. They haven't got a gig yet

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LB: that’s a great pitch. Also I won’t try to quiz you readers on your knowledge of trivial eighties bullshit

If you haven't already go read and support @irisjaycomics 's comic Crossed Wires: . It's like if you took Ready Player One but took out the hamfisted pop culture references and manchild surrogate main character, and admitted that any large VR social app of the future will be like half furries

honestly why would anyone even care when February already has three extremely good holidays:

1. valentine's day (feb 14)
2. black history month (all month)
3. my birthday (also all month)

oh hey i almost forgot it was groundhog day. shoutout to all the groundhog furs out there, all both of you

Are you looking for a new comic to read? Transformed! is a goofy wish-fulfillment story about a transgender male college student who finds a mysterious magic ring! Can he defeat monsters AND come out to his best friend?

Find out at:

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