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eve said she hadn't seen bayonetta 2 played through so whoops i'm playing through bayonetta 2 again The last chapter of my online graphic novel is up! One of four updates that were actually on time.
Read the whole thing here:

cw: talkin' bout food 

Today in "let's make fun of corporate design choices" 

important question: if you were a mer-person-- like half person, half marine animal-- what would the bottom half be. go

you, a massive twit: hot dogs are a type of sandwich

me, an ascended intellectual: reubens are a type of banh mi

Cyberpunk is a genre about world full of neon light's, and synthesizer anbd, motorcycle

cleaned up my TL a little but hey: that CYBREMONDAY toot I boosted also has info about submitting essays and projects to feature in the zine! folks doing work at the modern intersection of identity and technology should give it a peep.

Wednesday more like Wα΄Όα΄»α΄°β±½Κ± amirite (this is supposed to look like an upside-down and mirrored "Monday" i'm sorry)


Issue 01:


you know what is a good comic that i'll always recommend? usagi yojimbo. that comic fuckin rules

UPDATE: nero reminded me of Some Plot Points, checked wikipedia and.... yeah there's no way i could possibly recommend it to anyone nowadays, eesh. ESPECIALLY LIKE NOW????

why does my brain do this where it strips out the actual content and quality of stuff i've read in the past and only preserves, like, the memory engram of how i felt at the time while reading it. what the fuck is that

Part of me keeps wondering β€œman, 100 Bullets was so good, why haven’t I liked anything else Brian Azzarello writes”

Then I remember that I read 100 Bullets in college, the entirety of which has passed out of my β€œdon’t rec anything you haven’t read in the last four years” rule, and considering the subject matter I’d probably find it insufferable now

Eduardo Risso still totally crushed that art tho

tote bag commission for one of my fav clients. they were looking for something to symbolize growth, change, etc and I was happy to deliver!! Stuart Semple’s black acrylic and white posca pens.

Romantic relationships are great if that's your thing, but today's art is celebrating the joy of platonic friendships, too.

Happy Palentine's Day, everyone!

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