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I'm still figuring out how tho have my cake and eat it too.

Watching Happiest Season and I expected a lot and its still better than I was ready for.

Experiments with sub-pixel animation continue. Its going pretty well. In some ways... not faster, but fewer times I get *stuck* on figuring out how to make something work? Does that make sense?

Getting some flame stickers for my laptop to make the code go faster

Holiday me has relaxation down to a science.

*slaps the back of my couch*
You can fit so much loafing around on this bad boy!

Spent the night updating my broken web server and working on idle and attack animation for the three main characters of my game, Tower of Treasure. GIFs forthcoming when the animations are integrated!

lol just played with a Reinhardt named ANSIBLE in Overwatch who was it

In retrospect maybe I sang the Toys-r-us "I don't wanna grow up" song too many times as a kid. It may have had some unforeseen long term effects.

Behold the ten-foot pole and all the internet conversations I'm not touching with it today.

Are there date libraries that can handle stupid dates? Like if it comes across 2020-02-31 it "does the right thing" and parses it as January 2, 2020?

Im awake scrolling before my alarm and i hear the crash of something the cats clearly broke. Im pretending i didn't hear it until i get up. 😭

I'm working on my old static site generator, trying to make the content editing cycle better. Implementing a dev server that auto rebuilds changed content.

So in order to make my static site generator better, I added a dynamic backend to it......

Is it too much to ask that when my ssh+screen session is cut off because I closed my laptop and walked into another room that it drops me back into my terminal instead of just freezing and requiring I kill it from another terminal?

Remember when the worst hit by COVID was a single cruise ship?

A reminder that the PSF's main source of income was lost with PyCon's COVID cancellation. It is a really important year to start donating!

I just finished the only meeting I have all week.

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