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I'm still figuring out how tho have my cake and eat it too.

Impeach this clown for obstruction


BREAKING--> My report from inside the SCIF hearing room where we are exposing Adam Schiff's secret so-called impeachment inquiry.


I just earned the 'Untappd 9th Anniversary' badge on!


I restarted my computer and Visual Studio Code is just... gone.

If you are a NordVPN user, be aware of this recent attack confirmation. If you aren't, share to get the word out so people can stay vigilant!

Catharticly screaming at every single asshole in line at the Chic-fli-a

Hey i just grabbed some stickers from you at ATO, but maybe I should burn those rather than show off my support? If you have no standards, I'll have to have twice the standards for you.


For no reason GitLab decided it would be a good idea to pro-actively declare that they will take money from Nazis and that employees shouldn't discuss this policy at work. What a wildly wrong and unnecessary step.


How are we going to pay for *not* doing Universal Healthcare?

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