When you ask for some gesture or accommodation, like content warnings or safe spaces for bullied kids, and the choir whines "that's not how the *real* world works!"

no shit, that's why we're here making a better world.

I cannot comprehend just giving up by default.

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@ironfroggy Or the idea of celebrating the failure of the so-called "real world."

@ironfroggy Every person like that is so committed to the abuser's cycle. "I went through it, no one else can ever not go through it."


Hmm. Let me tell you a story about my kid learning to walk. I was baby-obsessed, and followed this kid *everywhere*, I journaled when xe first rolled over, first sat up, first pulled xyrself upright on the furniture. And caught xyr every time xe started to fall.

You see what I am about to say.

The kid did not walk on xyr own until I let xyr fall on xyr butt. And that took maybe two hours after I stopped. Running came two days later.

What is a better world for learning to walk?

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