gotta start with the number 0, and once that's sorted, move on to the next number

yessiree, these posts are really "doing the numbers"!

really upping my social media game with these regular human posts

do you ever just stop and think about how fundamentally weird it is that your eardrum has the ability to twitch?

"interesting polytempo... ah, this synth is soft and yet so clear... wait a minute"

there is a very rhythmic pigeon near this coffee shop whose cooing it took me a solid minute to realize was not part of the music playing downstairs

Unity IDE grumbling pt. 2 

Unity IDE grumbling pt. 2 

Unity IDE grumbling 

Unity IDE grumbling 

Unity IDE grumbling 

Unity IDE grumbling 

i finally cooked some good plantains and melted no thermometers

(we also have no thermometers left to melt, but i'm counting it)

technically speaking, this is probably a "bug" not a "glitch", but the Weirdest Bug I've Seen in a Long Time award goes to an actual literal bug I saw recently, to which the strangeness of this computer behavior cannot compare

breaks when ((x + y) & 1) == 1, in other words

(there are no light/dark squares in the game, the checkerboard is a purely conceptual apparatus)

today in The Weirdest Fucking Glitch I've Seen in a Long Time: the algorithm I'm writing breaks, but only when the player is standing on the light squares of a checkerboard pattern

maybe lead? do they make lead thermometers?

ok, weird mystery, actually: what was in that thermometer?

it has now solidified, which means it can't be mercury, since mercury freezes well below room temp

it looks metallic, however, and sinks below oil. does plastic sink below oil? in my head it floats, but maybe that's not correct

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