ugh the neighbors have been just BLASTING 4′33″ out their stereos all morning

the first draft of this joke was going to use "As Slow As Possible" because I actually do have an instrument currently playing a version of As Slow as Possible in my apartment

I don't know where we got this thing, but we own a tiny music box that I like to describe to guests as being haunted.

In reality, the spring is just low power, so it plays the song it was made to play but with increasing slowness over time.

Until it stops... or appears to stop. Then a week later you'll be doing nothing and hear from nowhere a few tiny chimes.

Usually this lasts about a week before it stops playing, but its last performance has been going on for months.

I guess another effect of this is that I can't *actually* tell when it's stopped playing?

Anyway, come to my apartment if you want to hear all the silence between the notes of "Amazing Grace".

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