I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.


@Memeghnad I've tried diaspora, Mastodon, SocialHome, Hubzilla, and Friendica. I have settled on using diaspora almost exclusively.

My problem with Mastodon is that engagement is zero. Even mutuals who interact with my posts on other platforms NEVER interact with my posts on Mastodon.

The cause is Mastodon's straw-like stream view. No one ever sees my posts as a result.

I see posts because I made a UserStyle that gives me a multi-column stream view. But that only works one way.

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