Anyone know of significant games that originated on the TRS-80 Model I/III?

For example, Temple of Apshai was significant in the development of the CRPG genre, although I think it was simultaneously developed on the PET.

Any ideas?

@isaackuo Other than text adventures, the only game I can think of that got ported from TRS-80 to other systems is Sea Dragon.

@johnhattan Sea Dragon was an awesome game, but it is quintessentially not that different from Scramble. I think it's hard to say how influential it was.

Temple of Apshai is definitely significant, but I think it was simultaneously developed on PET.

Taipan was ported to Apple ][, and it might be significant if it was one of the first trading games. I don't know.

Time Bandit originated on the TRS-80, but the later Atari ST port was pretty different.

@isaackuo That question might be worth asking on the @EdS Retrocomputing forum.


@sohkamyung @EdS @johnhattan Maybe, but I got the impression that the Retrocomputing forum looked down upon games discussion; that they're for "real" retrocomputing, not games.

Oh, discussing the history of games, or the writing of games, or the technology of games - all that would be fine on the retrocomputing forum, as far as I'm concerned.

(I think the original feeling was that 'retrogaming' is about the playing of games, and that's a very popular activity, and as such it would potentially dominate the discussion. Whether that's a valid or useful position is another matter...)

@isaackuo @sohkamyung @EdS @johnhattan

> ...discussing the history of games, or the writing of games, or the technology of games - all that would be fine on the retrocomputing forum...

Here's a handy search, for "game" on the #retrocomputing forum - plenty of precedent!

@BigEd @isaackuo @sohkamyung @johnhattan

@isaackuo There's a good talk on the TRS-80 games:

Telengard was one of the major ones, tho it's directly copied from a PLATO network game.

There's also a podcast about TRS-80 history, which has done quite a few interviews with developers:

#retrocomputing #trs80

@mdhughes Thanks for the pointer! But as for Telengard specifically, it seems to have originated on the PET2001:

It was a port of a different DND game, but restricting to the 8K memory of his PET2001 required some big changes, like the procedurally generated map.

@mdhughes @isaackuo TELENGARD. Ahhhhhhh. There's a name I haven't heard in a long time. That sent me back. Thanks.

@wzqtparor Ooh, thanks! I would never have found the Football Manager series on my own!

I'm a bit confused about Taipan. Like everyone else, I only really remember the 1982 Apple ][ port. But I think the TRS-80 version is from 1979? Was it the first sea/space trading game? That would be a big genre originator, if so.

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