Anyone know of significant games that originated on the TRS-80 Model I/III?

For example, Temple of Apshai was significant in the development of the CRPG genre, although I think it was simultaneously developed on the PET.

Any ideas?

@isaackuo There's a good talk on the TRS-80 games:

Telengard was one of the major ones, tho it's directly copied from a PLATO network game.

There's also a podcast about TRS-80 history, which has done quite a few interviews with developers:

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@mdhughes Thanks for the pointer! But as for Telengard specifically, it seems to have originated on the PET2001:

It was a port of a different DND game, but restricting to the 8K memory of his PET2001 required some big changes, like the procedurally generated map.

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