Updated idea for 6 Degree of Freedom keyboard controls. This is more elegant and symmetric, and includes diagonals for sidestepping and aiming.

It breaks away from FPS inverted T standards, though.

6 Degree-of-Freedom keyboard controls?

I'm working on a retro PETSCII game inspired by Descent.

Here's what I'm thinking:


ESDF = move forward-left-back-right

A = move down (similar to crouch key?)
Space = move up (similar to jump key?)


IJKL = aim up-left-down-right
U = roll left
P = roll right

Does this make sense to people? Is there something better? I find the MOVEMENT keys inelegant, but I think they might be closer to what people are used to from FPS games.

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For some reason, I never see my SocialHome posts here on Mastodon when I try to AT myself. Bleh ... ActivityPub just seems really iffy. Yet more reason for me to stick mainly to the diaspora side of things.

(I'd like to simply Boost my SocialHome post, but I can't do that if that post never makes it here at all!)

Buddy Line System

Invert the pantograph system, so the wire is attached to the trams and the carbon bars are fixed. Advantages:

1) Lower cost, and reduced visual impact. You only need two power supply arches per km, assuming 500m lines.

2) Lower running costs, due to reduced storm damage.

3) Less affected by weather. The small contact area of the carbon bars take less energy and time for friction to de-ice.

The wire is strung between two buddies, with a reel in the front buddy.

Okay, here's an earlier Dodeca map I was working on before deciding to switch to a belt+polar cap layout. I'm switching back to this.

It's significantly more "torn up" at the poles, but I think it's more intuitive how it folds to a dodecahedron.

Just a quick WIP - a globular galaxy map with 1+12+42 = 55 star systems. Systems border in the expected way, as well as via dotted line. Additionally, the Core system borders all Inner systems (not the small circular Outer systems).

my current workstation setup - left is a couple 1920x1080 displays; right is a weird combo of a 15" 1280x800 laptop with 17" 1280x1024 monitor. They're a perfect match!

Notice my 4 column Mastadon userstyle - a lot nicer than browsing Mastadon through a single column drinking straw.

One of these candidates did her homework on a plan to fund health care.

I've started on GhostYard3084 for the C64, a Robotron/Centipede hybrid where only one soft-sprite grunt is moved per frame. Thus, there's plenty of CPU available for a fancy graphics mode.

I'm using UFLI - each 2x8 slab can have two colors plus black, thanks to double-width black sprites under the foreground color. An 8x8 soft-sprite can have 8 colors plus black!

This leaves 2 hardware sprites, which I'll use Asteroids2600 style for ghosts/bats/hearts.

News reports of a new sub-economy class made me ponder how to cram in more passengers. They've been working on standing seats, but these still face forward.

How about inward facing seats? You face inward on a shared beam. Hanging from above are belts you wrap under your arms.

Facing inward efficiently uses the curved space of the sides and foot space extends into the aisle.

This can cram twice as many passengers into a plane, so enjoy your 20% discount!

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