@jomiho Cool, thanks! Now that I've gotten into the weeds of cycle counting, I don't have the cycles for the Asteroids inspired sprites. So all of the enemies will be 8+1 color 8x8 soft-sprites.

@FiXato I prefer "ok" because it looks like a normally proportioned cartoon stick man ... holding a gun or something.

"OK" is a more pacifist stick man, but with a freakish big wide head.

I've started on GhostYard3084 for the C64, a Robotron/Centipede hybrid where only one soft-sprite grunt is moved per frame. Thus, there's plenty of CPU available for a fancy graphics mode.

I'm using UFLI - each 2x8 slab can have two colors plus black, thanks to double-width black sprites under the foreground color. An 8x8 soft-sprite can have 8 colors plus black!

This leaves 2 hardware sprites, which I'll use Asteroids2600 style for ghosts/bats/hearts.

@FiXato @isaackuo Cool, thanks for the pointer! I love how Dixie Kong's yellow hair usually looks like a banana; it fits ...

Sketching an acorn inspired idea for a "mascot" videogame character. Back in the 1990s, everyone was trying to make a cool popular mascot videogame character to rival Mario and Sonic, but no one came even close.

So I was just thinking ... if I wanted to try and design a "mascot" character, what would I come up with? And then I realized ... no reason not to design a game around it.

This creature has a whip-like hair strand somewhat inspired by Capcom's Shantae, for whip-like abilities. But I decided to eliminate any humanoid body, so her head could be a lot bigger - suitable for being expressive even with a smaller sprite (like on a phone screen, in particular). I just figure this non-humanoid creature would be a lot of fun to animate.

As you can see, my first attempt had only one eye, but it just ended up ... meh. My second attempt has a much cuter face, but with an odd orientation that somehow works.

#MyArt #GameDevelopment #GameDesign #CharacterDesign

Confirmed: Hayabusa2 is on it's way back to Earth with a shipment from asteroid Ryugu! 😃

"HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa

A message from Project Manager Tsuda:

“People of Earth, we have just shipped a delivery from Ryugu. The delivery will arrive in about a year. We will ship carefully, so please don’t worry but eagerly await the arrival. We will keep you up-to-date with progress en route!”"


#Hayabusa2 #Space #Exploration #Asteroids #Ryugu

@EdS It's a simple strategy to distract and shame the masses, in order to prevent them from effectively doing something about the big offenders.

It's not an analogy, it's the same damn strategy being used by largely the same people for the exact same reasons.

News reports of a new sub-economy class made me ponder how to cram in more passengers. They've been working on standing seats, but these still face forward.

How about inward facing seats? You face inward on a shared beam. Hanging from above are belts you wrap under your arms.

Facing inward efficiently uses the curved space of the sides and foot space extends into the aisle.

This can cram twice as many passengers into a plane, so enjoy your 20% discount!

Good news. The ion engine on Hayabusa2 has been tested with no problems found, and it is scheduled to start the return journey from asteroid Ryugu on Dec 3, according to this tweet by JAXA.

#Asteroids #Ryugu #Hayabusa2 #Space #Exploration #SpaceProbes


Left-liberal economist: So, what society needs to be stable is upward mobility for the 99%. That's what's missing in all our growth. *Upward mobility*.

Me: Upward? As in, raising your relative social status? Relative to others?

Economist: Yes.

Me: For the 99%.

Economist: Yes.

Me: All of them.

Economist: Yes, we just need every member of the 99% of society to be able to constantly improve their social status relative to every other member of the 99%.

Me: How?

Economist: Cage fighting.

FYI - I am not really active on this Hubzilla account ( isaackuo AT hub DOT toot DOT cat) any more. My active accounts are:

1) diaspora ( isaackuo AT pluspora DOT com  isaackuo@pluspora.com ) - most of my posts, including space technology ideas and politics. Note that diaspora does not federate with Mastodon, so you can't follow this account from Mastodon.


2) socialhome ( isaackuo AT socialhome DOT network  isaackuo@socialhome.network ) - This is my artwork blog, for my regular artwork


3) mastodon ( isaackuo AT mastodon DOT social  isaackuo@mastodon.social ) - I've been trying to participate more with discussions and stuff on my Mastodon account, although I never get any engagement on my posts


4) tumblr  (not federated closed garden site) - This is where I post most of my fandom stuff


BTW, I have made UserStyles which provide multi-column stream to diaspora, Mastodon, tumblr, Hubzilla, Friendica. I find it really boosts the speed and ease of browsing through a lot of stream content. See here for how to:


#diaspora #diasporaTips #Mastodon #MastodonTips #tumblr #Hubzilla #HubzillaTips #Friendica #FriendicaTips

@continuum @pioneer Thanks for the info. I think it's a bit of a shame that nobody wants it, because creating and maintaining a bunch of different accounts is a serious barrier to entry for casual users.

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