What is "Awoo mode"? I'm afraid to try it because of the $350 penalty.

Star Wars 

I didn't care about anyone in R1. No feels. No connection. It was formulaic adventure with polygon cutouts. It was, at best, "not very good sci-fi".

I cared about EVERYONE in FA. Even the dumb emo dude from girls and the black mirror robot dude who played his Hitler youth buddy. And bb8? Omg. And Poe and Finn? holy shit, gush and a half.

Star Wars is opera. It's about people and feelings. FA brought the feels.

Tired: "you should be allowed to offend people"

Wired: having a political frame of reference that is larger than a single talking point

Force Awakens was a very good star wars movie, rivaling or even better than Empire or Jedi (because, really, Empire is all about Han, Jedi is all about Luke, and Rey captures the best of both heroes, but better than either of them.)

Rogue One was a pretty OK star wars video game that you might sometimes watch your college roommate play through, but never bother to pick up the controls yourself, because it looks like a lot of tedious little tasks and you've already got plenty of homework to do.

🎵 staycation all I ever wanted
Staycation why bother getting away
Staycation meant to be spent at home 🎶

Having 500 characters to play with is a nice bit of leg-room. But there's something I'm finding missing about twitter's 140 limit. It forces punchier jokes, tighter metaphors, less rambling. It's made me a better writer overall, because even 100-tweet long threads have a forced cadence of 140 char chunks.

Maybe I can just try to enforce this limit on myself somehow.

I've always wanted to have a twitter model where I'd pay a few dollars a month and twitter would not make shitty decisions that monetized me.

So I've put my money where my hopes are. @Gargron is getting $5/mo from me via patron: patreon.com/user?u=619786

I hope to find time to contribute code as well.

As y'all start trying to get your own shards stood up remember to "trust your frust"

Lots of things make sense to people who are already using them because they forgot the first-time-frustrations involved. You are in a unique position to document them so they can be improved.

You can never go back to not knowing something, use your power to help others!

Remember that social web sites are high-traffic, small data. Very difficult to cache because almost all data is new/cold and access permissions and filters are complex. 5,000 users on a site like this has much higher impact than more typical services. Frameworks, even popular ones, since they generally make vastly different assumptions on your behalf, don't make scaling easy.

One may reliably find a business opportunity in uniting any federated distributed community service.

Facebook has done this for email, for many people. GitHub for git repos. npm for js modules. Keybase for gpg (and more generally for "identity".)

This must always eventually be a business because the value outweighs the cost, but the costs are much higher than any individual is able to shoulder themselves. Making that business successful is usually not obvious or trivial.

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Federation is cool. I care about it because I care about technical details because I'm a nerd and find such things interesting.

But as a user, I don't want to FEEL the federated nature of a social system. I want to open an app and see a single flat namespace of people and not have to know how they connect to the service.

"What's your twitter" is just like "what's your email" to most humans, including nerds, when not actively nerding. Email became winful when the fereratedness became invisible

I have many questions about scaling. This thing is a rails app per shard, which means Twitter's early scaling problems lurk.

Risks and challenges: not negativity, but asking what happens next.

Federation: I understand why people burned by centralized networks love it. In practice it is not a concept non-nerds either understand or want. It's an implementation detail.

Non-universal names are a bug not a feature to most people.

Centralization has usability benefits.

So expect convergence on this shard & confusion when it falls over.

npm also teaches another lesson I've seen over & over: "free" doesn't apply to servers & bandwidth. Charity turns into resentment after viral success.

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Let's talk about scaling. This is, roughly, incremental re-architecture to meet current and projected load. It usually means increased complexity over time, whether it's just "stick a cache in front of this" or "we now need work queues & workers & many μservices.

The code might be open-source, but the operations cannot be. (npm, home of OS maniacs, in practice doesn't OS its services because they would be meaningless sans AWS, a CDN, & a lot of glue.)

So, folks are saying "all mastodon is weird" which is a good sign, but also, that means the answer is "not yet", and the bigger question is whether this system will survive long enough to get proper weird.

There's a little over 25k users. Looks like the @-reply changes on twitter are chasing folks here. Maybe we'll have some failwhales first.

Worth it, imo.

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Okay serious question how do we get da share z0ne on here

So, who's the thought leaders to follow? Where's weird mastodon?

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