@isagalaev not in a major way though! :) I mean I could still recognize you on a street, and it’s been almost 10 years since I saw you in person last time, haha. :)

@asolovyov I remember a question from the audience on my second Exception conf in Kiev about how I lost so much weight (15 kg). Didn't expect it from mostly male nerd crowd!

@isagalaev more of meeting and talking, but some clojuring too. :) Still in Kyiv, but had a child two years ago, so my days are completely consumed by either him or work. :) Can’t even find the energy to write to blog, eh...

@asolovyov oh yes, that is very, very familiar :-) I became a strong believer in a theory that focus and creativity share a common pool of resources. So after a day with a little child you simply can't do anything with your brains any more!

@isagalaev no doubt it’s works like that! I’m happy about having a child: how he learns to do something is amazing, and all the interactions and observations are fascinating! But this part of my life (making something) is a thing I regret a bit - still thinking how to conserve energy to make something done... :)

@asolovyov just wait a few years, you'll get your life back :-) It's going to be different, of course, but you'll get time to tinker with interesting stuff again.

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