"It will take a while, but we will ultimately have our USB-C single-charger utopia scenario."

… by which moment the industry will invent a new "universal" standard. The only way to break this stupid vicious circle is to stop obsessively buy new shit every 2 years. Your 5-year old phone and your 20-year old headphones are perfectly good.

That'd be reasonable if it wasn't for the whole thing of new OS versions being deprecated for old devices

@dittoslash it's a consequence, not a cause. If people would stay with their old devices, Google and Apple would extend their support periods. Of course they don't want to, but it's perfectly feasible.

And again, your 4-year old OS on a 2-year old phone is still perfectly good. You can still do amazingly useful stuff with it without having a new "design language".

@isagalaev @dittoslash

> 4-year old OS
except for the cases when some 0-day vulnerability is discovered.

> 2-year old phone
which starts lagging for the latest games.

but overall i agree with your argument - most of the time using old battle-tested tech is good enough.

@nkanaev companies are known to be able to support even very old system with security patches. It's not the same as full blown feature development while maintaining 100% compatibility.

Games… Yes, games will always be pushing the edge of everything. Serious gamers should get consoles :-)

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