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Ivan Sagalaev @isagalaev@mastodon.social

Surprisingly, there was no outcry about Starbucks starting demanding personal data for connecting to its Wi-Fi . To me it effectively means no Wi-Fi. So I wonder if most people simply never used it in the first place, or they are actually okay with giving out their names and email to the Starbucks stores they visit.

@isagalaev I actually just experienced this for the first time, and I gave them my name and (a spam-armored) email address, naively thinking I would unsubscribe later. Foolish, as it turns out.

@rpdillon I actually don't think it's deliberate. Because when I tried to subscribe (with fake data) the process just broke somewhere while resolving some third-party host they use for authorization. So it looks like it's generally buggy.

Which of course doesn't negate your point either.