In a year or two I'll probably have to replace my phone. And I'm dreading the fact that a "phone" today is a 6-inch slab, which I definitely don't want. Wouldn't it be nice if any company still made normal sized devices which I could carry in a pocket and use with one hand…

(Just ranting here, move along.)

@dredmorbius no, that doesn't count. I still want maps, shopping lists, running app, etc.

@isagalaev NB, this mostly describes my usage, daily driver.

A phone is useful when talking, possibly texting.

Ui/UX of a tablet for everything else is so much more useful it's not even funny. Esp. with a folio-style keyboard.

@isagalaev Well, the new ones tend to have edge to edge display, so for example the iPhone X, which has a 6.8" inch screen is actually no bigger than the 4.7" iPhone 6s because of the lack of bezels. So it's still perfectly useable with one hand, even if the spec sheet makes it seem like it wouldn't be.

@MatejLach we probably mean different things by "use with one hand". I'm using a 4.6" phone, and I can barely reach to the top of the screen with my thumb, and not at all to the top left corner (I'm right-handed). I don't see how 6.anything might work :-)

@MatejLach I have an Android phone.

But software notwithstanding, 6 inches is way to big for any of my pockets. I still think the best size was just over 4.

@isagalaev I made a typo, it's 5.8" not 6.8" and fits into what is essentially the 4.7" iPhone body.

@MatejLach ah... that's interesting. I haven't been paying attention to the Apple side of things for a while admittedly.

@isagalaev Honestly, the smaller variants are just fine one hand since going edge-to-edge with the iPhone X.

I have an iPhone right now, because they seem a lot better on privacy than Google does, but they're still an amoral corp, so am waiting for the #librem5 to ship and ditch the iPhone actually.

Unfortunately, the Librem is 5.7", but not edge to edge, so might end up somewhat of a phablet.

@isagalaev FWIW I'm sure you can still get used iphone SEs, but if you're used to Android that may be a non-starter.

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