Labels and small font on the back.

- "This bakeware is safe for metal tools!", but on the back: "don't use sharp-edged tools, don't press down hard, and having scratches is normal".

- "Dishwasher safe!", but on the back: "don't use dishwasher detergent tablets".

I wonder when and how outright lies on the label became normal and accepted. These, by the way are direct quotes from one Wilton Advance Select loaf pan, I didn't make it up.

@isagalaev had a UK -> EU adaptor which had a "Constant use prohibited" warning. WTF is "constant use"? At what amperage does this become problem? Turn on brain before writing warnings.

@StuC yeah, that sounds dumb :-) On the other hand, we know all of these warnings aren't really directed to a consumer, they're just legal liability waivers.

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