Suddenly my timeline is full of people who are still mostly on Twitter but have a latent Mastodon account.

@isagalaev yeah. TBH that's not my greatest moment.
I should stay here

@Secstodon I don't believe in forcing oneself to hate/enjoy one social platform over another. Just use what you feel like, it's not (or shouldn't be) a religion.

@isagalaev thing is though, in not happy there.

I hate everything about it but some of the people

@Secstodon it went easier for me, being an introvert. I'm used to leaving in my life behind. So I abruptly quit Twitter two years ago, and when I looked back a couple of times I did see some of the content I'd like to still read, but mostly it was infuriating trash pushed on me by Twitter itself, rather than anyone I consciously subscribed to.

@isagalaev yeah pretty much. I have some great people there now, but it took my blocking over a million people to get there

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