I keep waiting for a cross-platform UI framework that doesn't suck. I mean, I *know* it's impossible, but I keep hoping that I might be wrong…

You see, writing a cross-platform abstraction over UI controls seems very attractive and doable because they all *look* kinda the same. But by the time excited developers realize there's also a huge long tail of behavioral corner cases they need to support they're already too far along to give up, so they simply ignore them. (1/2)


And now I'm stuck with a React UI where an imitation of a modal window loses keyboard focus whenever I switch locale or type something with a modifier.

I'm sure it probably works for whoever has written that part of React on their Mac which they control mostly via the trackpad, and they don't think that switching locales is something that most people do (hint: estimate combined population of China, India and Russia to get disillusioned about this idea). (2/2)

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