After 9 years in U.S. I find it harder to speak Russian than I used to do. But my profound disgust towards "Runglish" (when people code-switch several times in the flow of a single sentence) still keeps me afloat :-)

Going to have more practice starting next week as I'm visiting my family in Moscow.

@isagalaev Can you explain why you object to people switching between languages in a single sentence?

@wim_v12e dunno, it just sounds ugly to me ear… Also, it's sad when people stop making effort.

@isagalaev I see, you mean at some point it has become harder to say something in Russian than in English. I have the same experience: after living in the UK for over 15 years, it becomes harder and harder to speak Flemish. But I don't object to mixing languages, probably because e.g. mixing French and Flemish has always been quite common in Brussels.

@wim_v12e interesting… Mixing Russian and English definitely has the stigma of being wrong and lazy, but it looks like most people simply don't care as much as I do.

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