The reactions to systemd-homed have predictably been, "soon there's going to be a word processor in #systemd", without these people realizing that:

1.) systemd is NOT a single binary, it's a project, an ecosystem of utilities. That's like saying to GNU; Why is there wget? I want GNU to compile stuff with GCC, why is GNU nano a thing?

Of course the goal of the GNU Project is to produce everything needed to have a libre OS - the goal of systemd is to produce everything needed to manage this OS.

systemd is not an init system, it's a system manager designed to be useful way beyond simply bringing the system up.

2.) Linux home directory handling is currently a mess. Any random app can ignore XDG conventions, making it hard to be sure that a simple rsync of home is sufficient i.e. it would be working as expected if you were forced to nuke your system. From my experience, it doesn't work particularly well for backing up the configs of many programs as they write to places like /etc


@MatejLach one of the new offenders are Electron and other cross-platform apps that create prominent non-hidden directories like Applications or their subdirectories in Documents to keep their service files. Another reminder that "cross-platform" means "out of place on all platforms".

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@isagalaev @MatejLach that's not a "cross-platform" problem, that's a "developer doesn't care" problem. Adding an application-specific directory to "Documents" is wrong on all platforms that i know.

@zalandocalrissian @MatejLach well, "doesn't care" crowd seems to correlate pretty heavily with "excited about cross-platform apps".

@isagalaev @MatejLach maybe you just get three times (or more) as many "doesn't care" people from the "cross-platform crowd" because their apps are ..uhm... cross-platform :)

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