Here's the thing… I love programming and tech in general, but for the past ~9 years I was distracted from it by, well, other life. Sure, I did work in the industry, and it was even interesting at times, but I didn't do anything interesting *for myself*, as a hobby. But you know what? Looks like I have finally reached the point where I can't "not write" anymore. So I decided to make time within the week to do that. Today is the first day. Wish me luck!

… which results in me having just hung up my Thinkpad totally dead, it couldn't even find enough CPU to play music!

This was me exploring how it is to do stuff with a modern (IDEA, in my case). Now I can understand why developers moan about 16GB of RAM being too little. I'm mostly used to doing Python stuff between a terminal and a text editor, and I was spared all those horrible complications. Until now :-)


I wish you the best on your first day.

I wish you the best in your new future instead?


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