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Anarchy is yet another childish idealist philosophy that ignores human nature, i.e. that people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

Any philosophy that entails "if we were all nice to each other we wouldn't need laws/government" fails on human nature.

You know why there are laws, why they evolved? To protect the weak from the strong. Yes, they are used the opposite way, but for fucks sake its better than nothing and hoping people won't be bastards.


Unpopular opinion 

@gedvondur same fallacy applies to most socialism/communism sentiments: if only we got rid of those oppressive corporations we'd live in harmony and all help each other…

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Unpopular opinion 

@isagalaev Indeed it does. It applies to libertarians to, who think that if we just have enough contracts, but conversely no courts to enforce them, all will be well.

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