Looks like I don't want a new laptop. I now *need* one... I had this one for about 4 and a half years, and I expected it to last a little longer. I have another, almost identical Thinkpad on my table right now, so it's going to be a short-term solution. But after that I'm looking for something more powerful, probably from System 76.


So my other laptop is a different generation Thinkpad X1 Carbon, and I decided not to risk simply rsync'ing my entire active partition onto it. I'll probably have to install a fresh Ubuntu on it and then restore my current home backup. I expect some fuckery with mismatched hostnames…

P.S. The latest Ubuntu image is 2.5 GB. Oh for the goode olde days when they still insisting on fitting it on a CD-ROM.

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On the other hand, that would mean installing all the software *again*. So may be rsync'ing is the way. I'm not sure I'll be able to run the rsync server from a USB flash drive Ubuntu session.

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