What are some things that every computer user should learn? What things do you wish every computer user knew? What are some of the biggest benefits that individuals and/or society could reap if computer users learned these things?

Please boost, I honestly want as many serious answers as possible. Feel free to answer variations of the question for different levels of "computer users", such as programmers, office workers who use a computer 4+ hours per day, phone-only users, etc.


@willghatch I wish people knew that whenever there's news about some company's customer database having been compromised it's not because hackers are so incomprehensibly smart that there's nothing a company could do. It's rather because the company doesn't give a shit (sorry, doesn't have economic incentive) about following even basic security practices and doesn't hire competent engineers to do it.

@isagalaev @willghatch As long as that backup's encrypted!

Because usually when businesses (including Apple, as was highlighted in the news recently) encourage you to create backups that vital privacy measure is not applied. It's not like asking for a decryption password is user-hostile...

@isagalaev @willghatch I'm sure too many companies have negligent intent, but when an executive does want to do things properly do they really stand a chance? Insecurity by default is the norm, anyone running a company as a CEO not only needs to be capable of picking out a CISO, CTO, etc who defy the norms, but for those they bring in to take that norm breaking behaviour down to the engineer and procurement levels.

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