From a Volvo press release:

"Soon, your Volvo will be able to drive autonomously on highways when the car determines it is safe to do so. At that point, your Volvo takes responsibility for the driving, and you can relax, take your eyes off the road, and your hands off the wheel."

Well, it's really all in that bit about "when the car determines it is safe to do so". Is it almost always or mostly never? And what happens when the car suddenly no longer determines it is safe to relax?

As it sounds now, it's pretty much what Teslas do today: it's safe as long as it's safe, but no longer. I wonder what Volvo is going to do to claim the driver could relax and take their eyes off the road.

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@isagalaev It’s all marketing bs. As long as I can’t completely keep my hands off the wheel from start off the journey to the end I will opt to drive myself.
Sure, assistance systems are convenient but that’s it - no matter how „advanced“ they may be.

@dirkolmes I'd probably drive myself even if the car were actually self-driving :-) But I'm just interested in it technologically.

@isagalaev “your Volvo takes responsibility for the driving” so if there's an accident any claim is made against Volvo's insurance rather than the owner's?

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