I'm excited to share my #apconf2020 talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the #Fediverse, a #decentralized social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie, @catgirl, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.


(Hosted on a #peertube instance, conf.tube!)

@Argus this is a very important success story!

(Although ironically, the Peertube account the video is hosted at only federated one post with mastodon.social, so I can't boost that video directly and see its comments here.)


@Argus I'm guessing federation across different types of instances of the Fediverse is actually not *that* useful (at the moment at least), so smoothing out interop bugs is not of high priority. It's okay.

For now people just don't expect something like a cross-instance "Follow" button in various UIs.

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