As I learn more about the #Fediverse I find more communities that think it replicates the toxic environments of centralized networks.

I spoke with some folks from queer communities who think they have the tools to protect themselves. But some think they need to heavily modify #Mastodon code to get by.

People of color especially seem to be struggling here. Many are deplatforming. Many talk about coordinated efforts to harass as well as omnipresent racism.

We need to do better.


@Argus ahem… Given that you're writing it right after boosting Ro from playviscious, your perception may be a bit skewed. He's one of the most toxic people I've had displeasure to encounter on the Internet, so I would take his "the fedi hates you if you're Black" with a grain of salt. It may be that the fedi hates him specifically.

(Having said that, I tried to avoid him for a long time, so my impression may be less accurate by now. Although I don't believe anything has changed, frankly.)

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@isagalaev Given @Argus 's previous work it would be uncharitable to him to assume his conclusion comes from the opinion of 1 person.

If you've spent any time following PoC on here, of course there's some individual opinion, but fundamentally I do not have to be put up with being called a cracker, white devil, or inferior race, that they have to put up with. Ro was just the loudest and most push-back rejector of it. Don't like him? Fine. But there's still a big racism problem.

@cj @Argus fair enough. Those aren't mutually exclusive, and I believe in people's ability to make their own judgment. Just thought I had to give a fair warning, using my own experience.

@isagalaev Sure, and let me counter with my own experience: when I treated him with empathy like a human being, he treated me as I treated him.

It doesn't mean I'm not a part of the problem. But having the awareness and the ability to be nuanced and say *that* previous sentence, I think, was a core part of why he & others pushed back: too many people dont wish to imagine themselves as part of the problem, and cant live with the discomfort of even entertaining that idea.


@cj @isagalaev reading Ro's post did prompt me to make that reflection, but it paired pretty well the experience of some PoC I've read on the Fediverse.

Of course what's visible to me, sitting here on m.t, isn't necessary representative. But I hear some PoC being brigaded, or harassed by burner single-user instances, or simply shouted down.

When people say they're leaving mastodon, my first questions are: why?, will the new space federate, and if so, how will it be different?

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