Finished Edward Snowden's book, Permanent Record. The guy sure can write, it reads like a thriller! That it is also a true story about our life right now makes it a must read for everyone. Privacy is not just for geeks, and he makes a lot of convincing arguments as to why *you* should care too. (And no, not just because NSA watches your nudes.)

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@isagalaev All those non-geeks are sure to get right on that, right after all the other books they will never read. :blobcatglowsticks:

@isagalaev People don't read... past a #meme grade level.

@dv8 I personally know some who do. It also depends on the effort of other people encouraging the rest to do it. I'm making an effort.

What's pointless is sitting there and saying about everything, "it's no use, it's not gonna work".

@isagalaev I'm referring to the "non-geeks" not you or your associates. Non-geeks generally don't read, nor care about privacy as long as they get "free shit".

@dv8 I said I knew people who read and you just assumed they were my "associates" (whatever that is).

You can maintain any preconceptions you care about. I'm not going to argue with you any further.

@isagalaev You asked my point, I clarified. If that's an argument, stop asking questions.
a concept connected with another.

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