Can someone point me to a good, brief overview of pros and cons of Matrix vs. XMPP from a practical perspective? I'm out of loop on that and want to understand the landscape.


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@isagalaev I love this...
... but the graphic doesn't cover XMPP. Still, the opening sentence recommends Conversations (XMPP) and Element (Matrix). They're both in the same group. Both offer perfect forward secrecy, good encryption, open source, and federation.

To me, the difference is that Matrix is "done", while XMPP has a history of constantly adding new features. Two Matrix clients (and servers) are more likely to have the same features. XMPP, maybe not.

@ericphelps that's a good take right here, thank you! /me gone reading the link.

@isagalaev Had to research that. Quicksy is apparently a variant of Conversations, an XMPP client. So XMPP *is* represented (indirectly) in the graphic.

I have Element and Conversations.

Moving in the direction of increasing freedom, I decided not to go with Briar or Tox because they're Android only. So in that group, I'm strictly Jami.

And of course Signal. That's sort of a requirement.

@ericphelps thanks! I don't really have an actual use case for any of them. My wife and two friends are pretty much the only people I text with, and we still use SMS for that. My attempts to introduce any of them to Signal have failed against the usual "why would I care" reasoning… So I'm researching it simply to be aware of the current landscape.

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