My request for permission to travel to Ankara was denied 😞

I'll have to ask a friend to kargo my stuff from my (soon to be ex) flat there, and sell the furniture. Luckily that's almost arranged, so it'll be swift.

I really miss the city tho, I really loved it there. But it's been a year and I'll remain unemployed until at least June, so no reason to keep paying the rent for a flat I can't go back to anytime soon...

@cadadr wait, I thought you were in Turkey at the moment, do you need a permission to move to a city inside the same country?

@isagalaev You don't, if you use public transport. You do for private vehicles. I wanted to rent a car and go there with my brother (I don't have a license), and avoid taking the 5hr train ride because I am worried about my infecting mom, who's in the high risk group.

Weird regulations...


@cadadr why do they limit private cars? Traffic control?

@isagalaev you're welcome!

I have no idea but I wouldn't be surprised if it was to divert some money to intercity public transport.

In the end so long as I am reporting my itinerary I don't see the difference...

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