Some of the new folks I've followed are... interesting.
Like full on conspiracy theory nuts.
But I'd much rather follow them rather be stuck in my own ideological echo chamber.
If anything it makes me question, modify and sometimes even strengthen my own beliefs.


@Obscurequokka I tried doing that myself — following those I don't exactly agree with — but it gets really exhausting over time to keep yourself from jumping into (mostly pointless) discussions. So I usually, eventually unsubscribe :-)

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I had to soon unfollow them for these precise reasons.
I too have engaged in way too many pointless discussions on other forums, only to feel emotionally exhausted at the end of the day with no one changing their minds.
Was determined not to let it happen here on Mastodon.

@Obscurequokka thankfully, here the platform itself doesn't go out of its way to present enraging/engaging views in your face :-) That was the reason I quit Twitter. Here, you just unfollow.

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