Stumbled upon a dev tool touting editing code with "real-time collaboration" as a… feature. So I wonder, if I'm supposed to "collaborate" while writing code then when am I supposed to think?

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@isagalaev Surely you've heard of pair programming? These days, it's feasible you'd pair over the Internet, not in-person, so I do see value in such a tool.

@minoru tried it many times. It just doesn't work for the way I program. The only way I've seen it work is when one person is a mentor and knows pretty well what has to be written. But to code up something actually new, figuring it out along the way, only works for me if I'm alone and don't have to constantly think about producing any sort of interaction with my pair.

(I won't be surprised if people who love pairing are all extroverts :-) )

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