Beau helped me understand this: people who avoid vaccinations do it because they want the rest of us to do it *for them*. So that we do it in enough numbers so they won't have to. Themselves, they won't do for the society even that little, unless someone's forcing them. I keep underestimating just how many of them are there, everywhere.

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I am of course not talking about people who hasn't done it yet but are about to, or have some legitimate concerns. I'm talking about those who just don't want to do it on principle.

Yes, that's how herd immunity works. People who can't take vaccines rely on everyone else to get vaccinated. In the same way, people who can't afford to take part in clinical trials of experimental treatments rely on people who can to do it.

@swashberry I'm talking about those who are perfectly able to, but just won't.

@isagalaev Hmmm... So there *are* freeloaders that take advantage of the benefits offered by society. But this isn't the direction I was looking.

I have to ignore the "but not my friends" part and the other obvious bias, but the point he makes is valid. Some people aren't consistent in how they apply their philosophy.

There's been some link that some people who happened to carry the covid before or after the fact that they've vaxxed, and then injected with cortison; have have died (martyrs) aftwards.
The technicality of it is that when the lung is already blocked by the covid, and then injected with cortison, is that the cortison helped blocking even more percentage of their lungs by filling it with cortison fluids.
The reason that some did not die because of it is that they were not suffocating.

Sadly in some places this is being enforced onto everyone. By the government.

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