A poll (my first!). Is Google your email provider? I just want to get a general feeling how much of a monopoly it is in a relatively tech-savvy world of Mastodon.

Boosts are welcome!

@isagalaev I think some context is in order:

I started using gmail in mid-2000s. ISP email was unreliable and maintaining email archives and integration when moving services/services was crazy annoying. Gmail, at the time was a god-send and even allowed me to eliminate the desktop client over time.

I acknowledge their privacy issues with Gmail. But Iife's short and I'm not going to spend *any* of it running an email server.

@gedvondur fair enough :-) I don't think you have to justify your choice, by the way. I'm not one of the zealots thinking that if you as much as touch anything related to Big Tech you're murdering society or something. There's always context…

@isagalaev heh, sorry I probably overreacted in providing it. 🙂

@isagalaev I have multiple based on what ‘layer’ of security is required:

I have one Gmail - mainly used for news letters and non-privacy critical exchanges.

ProtonMail - A Gmail backup with marginally higher security.

Disroot: Manually encrypted with GPG, rarely used, high security.

@joerebelloharley yeah, I forgot using several options was perfectly normal too :-)

@isagalaev I use Gmail because the education program I went to wanted me to use it. However, I did make a free Mailfence account to verify my Mastodon account with.

@isagalaev I've been running my own email server for years, and use it to host a few domains for my primary email. But I do have a Gmail account as well which sees some use.

@ToroidalCore almost the same here :-) Although the only use for my gmail address is redirecting mail to my real one.

@isagalaev My Gmail account sees some use here and there for things like my gas bill. I'm mostly confident in my mail server setup, but keep the Gmail account around for the 5% of things I'm really worried about not getting.

@isagalaev You should have allowed multiple selections. I switched to other providers, but I can't delete gmail yet, there's probably some accounts I forgot about still linked to that gmail address and sometimes someone sends an email to that address, so I still have to use it.

@InsignificantThoughts yes, people already pointed out about multiple choices, my bad! The question is more about if Gmail is something you rely on a lot and will be seriously inconvenienced if it went away.

Thanks for the response!

technical details 

@isagalaev I voted for Gmail although it's technically a free "Google for small businesses" plan on my own domain name, behind DNS records that I control myself. (The free tier stopped being available for new domains years ago, and is slowly growing further incompatible with Google's other products.)

So I have a rather light dependency on Google for my email compared to using addresses.

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@Vierkantor do you get any deliverability problems from your domain to or other places? Also I wonder if it's detectable on a receiving end if your domain is powered by Google.

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@isagalaev I have basically never had e-mail not being delivered or marked as spam. I think my mail basically gets trusted as much as "real" mail.

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You can relatively easily find out whether Google powers someone's email. In mail you received, by looking at which server sent it. For example, a test mail I just sent contains: "Received: from ( [IPv6:2a00:1450:4864:20:0:0:0:42d])"

For mail you're about to send you can check the MX records: `dig mx` returns something like " 1800 IN MX 10"

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@Vierkantor I wonder if spam filters actually do something like that though. I would guess that itself certainly knows it's their trusted domain, and others probably trust DKIM. I doubt there's a need to analyze Received: or DNS-check MX.

(I don't really know, just spitballing here.)

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@isagalaev ok, you probably know a lot more about mail than me, so I'm happy to trust what you're saying here :)

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@Vierkantor I do run my own, and my mail sometimes (not often) gets dropped. So I'm always looking for ways to solve it.

@isagalaev My answer is all of the above but I checked the last one because it's the most difficult.

@isagalaev I have a gmail (from back in 2001 or so) that I use for shopping and other things I know will spam me. We have our own domain for my “real” email address

@isagalaev I actually have accounts from three providers, but the one I use most is Gmail.

@isagalaev Gmail is still where I get most of my email, but I'm working on moving everything to another provider.

@isagalaev use Gmail ATM but will eventually switch to email on fastmail or migadu or smth with my last name domain.

@isagalaev Okay, next poll should be *how many* email addresses you have. And maybe how many will actually alert you if you have email.

Everyone here is tech-savvy. I'd guess 99% have more than one active email. Maybe 10% have more than 5.

@ericphelps it's not a scientific research :-) I can clarify that the question means whether you have at least one email backed by Gmail losing which will seriously affect you.

Also, tech-savviness doesn't mean having multiple emails. I have only one (which I actually use) and have been maintaining this status quo for 20+ years.

@isagalaev Ah, "seriously affect". That's a nice bar. Well in that case, I'll answer no on the Gmail.

I've got 3 primary providers and 3 others I rarely use. Only one of the primaries would seriously affect me if I lost it -- and Gmail isn't it.

@isagalaev I used gmail for years from 2004 until recently with my own domain, until I switched to another provider.
I now use gmail almost exclusively as a google reader replacement by using the provider blogtrottr to send all of my rss feeds to that email for sorting and reading. (That and a few mailing lists, but that's just a few.)


it's complicated

for personal needs I've been using gmail for years, but now I opened 2 new accounts, one on Tutanota and another one on

I use th eold gmail account way less now

For professional needs, I'm working for a company that uses the google suite, so there's no way out

gmail, google calendar, google chat, google currents, google drive, google sheets, google hangout and god knows what more

@isagalaev My old Gmail is still active; mails to the old address get forwarded (and deleted). Too many places where I might have forgotten my password…

@isagalaev Sort of needs an option for combination of the above? I use gmail for trash registrations with services I know will leak data or are already trying to exploit me. for a more rarely used "professional" email that, in theory, shouldn't break.
And my own email server for family/friends/foss communities.

@isagalaev I started using Gmail as well in the mid-2000s - and at that time it was an incredibly well working and intuitive mail service (it actually still is) and it was not easy at all to move away from it after 15 years.... but it is possible. I found a new email home I am happy with.

@isagalaev I'd be really curious about a poll like this in a more representative/mainstream context. But - just a guess - then the share of Gmail users would be close to the Android market share...

@isagalaev Additional context: I use Gmail, and also two other email providers.

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