"FBI-run company sold encrypted phones to criminals, leading to 800 arrests"

In headings like this always try to mentally substitute "criminals" or "terrorists" with "whistle-blowers" or "activists", and see if you like how that sounds then.

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@isagalaev There are several interpretations of this. Possibly some hope.

This sounds a lot like Crypto AG all over again: targets of interest want secure coms, set up a "secure comms" front, backdoor it, sell to targets, and surveil.
Crypto on stock mass-market products may be better than we fear.
Or it's just that perception management makes the backdoored devices an easier sell.
Good opsec is hard. Best may be to have a comms protocol that works over open / compromised channels.
LEO bandwidth and attention are themselves limited.
Targets tend to be of opportunity. Predators don't seek large, well-defended prey.
Immunity and impunity also matter. The biggest asset for whistleblowers, activists, and reformers is probably an effective social network.

(I really need to catch up with what Bruce Schneier's written on this in recent years.)

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