Now this dig at wokeness is a little bit brilliant, I think :-)

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@isagalaev on the last panel is it Carl’s Jr logo on the hat? And who’s the boy and why hat?

@zholobov oh, there's a whole backstory to it. Sinfest is one of the comic strips where story lines last for a long time and can't be easily summed up (at least I can't).

The hats there mean brainwashing powers from R and D sides of America that just make people repeat soundbites and hate each other. This particular strip is mocking wokeness in its toxic form, when it preaches love but acts just like a hate religion built around particular virtue signaling.

@zholobov it's gotten more political in a few last years, but so did life :-) I like that he doesn't take sides and just calls out bullshit when he sees it.

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