What I like about my team is that while talking about a task which was supposed to take 3 days but has been dragging on for a week already, I can ask to sink 3 more days on a deep and scary refactoring and they'll be like, yeah let's do it!

@isagalaev Wow, you have way less drama.

We estimate completion dates and management gets very unhappy if the dates aren't met. And being in Test, I'm the last step, so if the developers refactor something and slip the schedule, the "spotlight of doom" points my way. Which is fine, because I'm as excited about the code changes as the developers are.


@ericphelps given your previous toot about a developer yelling at your for wanting to write tests, I'd say your work environment is pretty toxic :-(

I mean, I do have a schedule too. But it did allow for 3 days of this important refactoring. The nice thing is I didn't have to fight for it: my team lead knows it's important.

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