The thread where a snap packager condescendingly talks about "good" and "bad" design while not recognizing that packaging the app in a way that requires a workaround to even use it in a most straightforward way renders all his points moot. Nobody cares about design if the app doesn't work. (Oh, but it works for *him*, so it's fine.)

Select quote: "Unsupported [..] access to arbitrary files on the system due to developer/user inertia".

I'm not even talking about the whole tone of "it's not our fault, it's lazy developers'"… No, I'm in disbelief about the whole idea that "access to arbitrary files on the system" is declared a universal problem. Sure, it's a working model for a mobile apps of unknown origin used by non-technical people. But here we're talking about `jq`, a developer tool on a general-purpose computer.


And yes, it just means `snap` simply isn't a good packaging tool for system/developer software. In which case I'd like its maintainers to recognize this fact and answer questions accordingly instead of trying to educate people about "design". And don't install dev tools via snap by default. Thankfully, `apt` is still here and works.

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@isagalaev eww, apt. True scottsmen use pacman!

*hides under table*

@efftoyz I don't care about "true", I care about "works" :-) If it works for you, I'm glad!

@efftoyz @isagalaev I think at this point, "true Scots" use Homebrew. Or AppImage. Or just build from source.

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