Long, sprawling and very good write up by DHH on GPL vs. MIT, scarcity in software and the correct attitude for developers open source software.


He expressed very thoroughly my thoughts on why I've always used BSD over GPL for what I did and do.


I may be accused of hypocrisy for supporting @conservancy in their ongoing legal fight against Vizio for violating GPL. I do it because I respect the right of an author to choose in what way their creation should or should not be used even if I don't agree with it.

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@conservancy also, DHH got older, less abrasive and deep! Good :-) Apparently we're almost the same age, so that checks out too.

@isagalaev probably less abrasive now, but that story with major part of the staff resigning doesn’t speak up to that :)

@asolovyov I don't think that has to do anything with his abrasiveness. From what I understood back then, Basecamp's corporate position on banning internal political discussions sat wrong with many people, so the leadership made a very generous severance offer, and about 20 people took it up. I think the disagreement was handled as mature as it could.

@isagalaev I’m a little lazy to search up all links honestly, but DHH wrote that blog post publicly before showing it to employees. Given that this post was written in response to a really dumb internal conflict this does not seem mature to me.

@asolovyov I'm hazy on the details as well, you may be right. But hey, may be that was one of the lessons he learned :-)

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