Game room bookcase.

This new bookcase officially signifies re-assignment of our "formal dining" room into a role of a game room, which is how we actually use it. It was a pain in the ass bringing all the game stuff from another room every night.

Did you know that a needle simply floated on water surface *is* a compass? It's so fun to share this kind of trivia with your kid! Mine thinks it's magic!

P.S. No they are not perfectly aligned with the phone. I trust the needle more.

What I like about homemade sauces is that they're not perfectly homogenized. They have texture. There's some stuff *happening* in them.

Also, you can put a humanly appropriate amount of sugar in it. There's no chance getting that in an American store.

No time like pandemic for a quality time with your kid! It's a volcano.

Marta is my favorite dinner place in New York. You can sit right at the kitchen and watch the magic of pizza making. I actually learned something just by watching it and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Also, it's a rare American restaurant that had the balls to give up the obsolete "tradition" of tipping.

And once again I'm in this place they call "noo-yohk"... Starting a new job.

Looks like I don't want a new laptop. I now *need* one... I had this one for about 4 and a half years, and I expected it to last a little longer. I have another, almost identical Thinkpad on my table right now, so it's going to be a short-term solution. But after that I'm looking for something more powerful, probably from System 76.

No gas imitation will ever come close to the effects of a real wood fire. And today is a perfect weather for it.

Always wanted to share that :-). Wise UI design from Washington Department of Licensing.

Honey from Russia.

There's a sprawling honey culture in Russia. Moscow hosts an annual Honey Fair, where you can buy all kinds of honey and its derivative products. Different flavors of honey are not infused but come from different plants local to beehives.

From left to right: Fagopyrum (гречиха), Archangelica (дягиль), Tatar maple (черноклён), Cilantro (кориандр), Acacia (акация).

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