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Ivan Sagalaev @isagalaev@mastodon.social

At a local Bed, Bath and beyond. Weed became normal pretty quickly, I think.

I finally did it! I ran the marathon distance around Lake Sammamish. 26.2 miles, 4 hours 13 minutes, two gel packs. Also, my shoes are completely in tatters. Not because of the marathon, I did 958 miles in them overall :-)

Just noticed the background image was gone from my profile… Restored. By the way, it's from here: goo.gl/maps/Y6niuJN39gp

What I'm drinking here is a 10 year old pu-er. Now you can envy me :-) mastodon.social/media/1SVg310y

Unexpectedly stumbled upon my old Yixing clay mug while looking for something else. Yay! mastodon.social/media/u9_1s2hg

Another impromptu pasta. Broccoli, grilled eggplant, pesto, goat cheese. mastodon.social/media/eLRnEmIa