19. A new faucet came sooner. And I put it up, only having spent two hours on figuring out why the drain was leaking despite tons of sealant. (Pro tip: trust your brain more than a manual.)

Daughter said she didn't like them. So there...

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As a guy whose dress style is best described as "unassuming" I pretty vu never get complimented about my looks by strangers. Except when I wear my Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Just got yet another "nice t-shirt" from another woman. (Men are expectedly more reserved.)

Vaccinated. And being such an organizational genius I forgot my card with the first dose stamped, so now I have two which I'll have to staple together.

Finished The Lord of the Rings. My second try at reading the entire thing. First time was ~20 wars ago when didn't know English too well, and Tolkien's language proved to be way too hard!

Also fun fact: this book was the first thing I earned by coding. And I don't mean I bought it with earned money, I was literally given this very book!

Sublime Text 4! A sudden surprise from the package manager :-)

They gave me a *free snack* at the site! I did not expect such a service.

But the important part is getting that vaccine, of course.

Finally made some time to implement UI for assigning categories to my groceries. It's rudimentary and hideous, but now I can add some actual color!

And now comes the time for my kid to take part in the development process, as I promised her she's going to help me choose the palette :-)

Open source photo editing software has become terrific! Darktable is a tried and true workhorse, bringing out contrast and sharpness and driving sky color to the unnatural blue-ness that I like. But then stitching two side by side shots into a panorama with Hugin happened pretty much automatically. It took me about 15-20 minutes to do everything.


I think I did pretty well on this refactoring :-)

It's not a direct translation of the code from imperative to functional, I had an idea along the way about making the algorithm itself simpler. But it achieves the same result.

Anyway, I just wanted to show off an impressive diff :-)

Hey, my rosemary and thyme didn't die over this winter! (Parsley did, as it was its second year. And I don't grow sage.)


On a third try, I think I've got the hang of making a pie dough. The filling is spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella. Another vegetarian option in my toolbox.


My kid just punched a hole in the wall. Or technically, kicked. She's 8, and she's really into kung-fu!

Finished Edward Snowden's book, Permanent Record. The guy sure can write, it reads like a thriller! That it is also a true story about our life right now makes it a must read for everyone. Privacy is not just for geeks, and he makes a lot of convincing arguments as to why *you* should care too. (And no, not just because NSA watches your nudes.)

Game room bookcase.

This new bookcase officially signifies re-assignment of our "formal dining" room into a role of a game room, which is how we actually use it. It was a pain in the ass bringing all the game stuff from another room every night.

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