On a third try, I think I've got the hang of making a pie dough. The filling is spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella. Another vegetarian option in my toolbox.


My kid just punched a hole in the wall. Or technically, kicked. She's 8, and she's really into kung-fu!

Finished Edward Snowden's book, Permanent Record. The guy sure can write, it reads like a thriller! That it is also a true story about our life right now makes it a must read for everyone. Privacy is not just for geeks, and he makes a lot of convincing arguments as to why *you* should care too. (And no, not just because NSA watches your nudes.)

Game room bookcase.

This new bookcase officially signifies re-assignment of our "formal dining" room into a role of a game room, which is how we actually use it. It was a pain in the ass bringing all the game stuff from another room every night.

Did you know that a needle simply floated on water surface *is* a compass? It's so fun to share this kind of trivia with your kid! Mine thinks it's magic!

P.S. No they are not perfectly aligned with the phone. I trust the needle more.


What I like about homemade sauces is that they're not perfectly homogenized. They have texture. There's some stuff *happening* in them.

Also, you can put a humanly appropriate amount of sugar in it. There's no chance getting that in an American store.


No time like pandemic for a quality time with your kid! It's a volcano.

Marta is my favorite dinner place in New York. You can sit right at the kitchen and watch the magic of pizza making. I actually learned something just by watching it and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Also, it's a rare American restaurant that had the balls to give up the obsolete "tradition" of tipping.

And once again I'm in this place they call "noo-yohk"... Starting a new job.

Looks like I don't want a new laptop. I now *need* one... I had this one for about 4 and a half years, and I expected it to last a little longer. I have another, almost identical Thinkpad on my table right now, so it's going to be a short-term solution. But after that I'm looking for something more powerful, probably from System 76.

No gas imitation will ever come close to the effects of a real wood fire. And today is a perfect weather for it.

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