@readsteven "It's okay to not be incandescently furious about every goddamn bad thing in the world." - can I use it as a quote everywhere? :-)

@nolan I had to give up that a few years ago when I moved from Russia 11 time zones east, and my time become completely disconnected to that of my audience :-)

In a post-Twitter world, I honestly have no idea whether one of my blog posts will take off or become a dud. Someone posts it to the right subreddit, or to the right tech news aggregator, and suddenly it gets a ton of hits. Or it languishes in obscurity and I feel embarrassed to even see it in the "Recent Posts" sidebar.

Twitter has probably warped my relationship with my "audience" to an unhealthy degree. I should just publish stuff when it feels right.

@StuC the fact that he even *looks* like Trump should have already been a huge red flag for people!

@jacethechicken that said, I was squarely on the political right in my late teens and early twenties, but by forties I'm on the left, somewhere around social democracy. (It's not aggressive, though. I wouldn't burn the rich, for example, as I'm one.)

@jacethechicken okay, it may be my age-ism, but 19, while legally adult, is not an age when you should look back at your whole life and reflect on changing views :-)

@nein09 ah, so THAT's how that tune everyone calls "Benny Hill music" actually called :-)

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Great news for people with huge faces

We went on a trip 

We went on a trip 

Finally watched the entire interview with David Pakman on Joe Rogan's podcast. Can't say I heard anything enlightening, but it's nice to hear to intelligent people having a conversation on important issues. Probably the most interesting for me was their attempt to talk through the idea of when/if/how free speech may require regulation.


fucking tankies 

@MatejLach I guess the answer is, Blink is a known beast, whatever problem you have with it, you won't be on your own. Servo is completely new.

@remotenemesis I just realized that there is this whole huge subculture of D&D which we never touched. I just want to see what it is.

(Actually, our go-to game is Munchkin, which is as far as I understand a sort of parody to D&D.)

Thanks for the reference to videos!

@remotenemesis Thanks! Are there any special well-known gotchas like "don't choose this clone" or "make sure you read that part"?

Suppose a company of friends who played board games with each other for a while wants to try Dungeons & Dragons (finally). What should I read?

@applebaps I don't mind, if it's how you feel. It's okay to have different opinions, and feel strongly about them. Good luck!

@applebaps looks like I'm failing to explain my point, sorry :-)

What I'm trying to say is that this perceived dilemma of "shouldn't I be ashamed of enjoying this particular form advertising since it's brought about by capitalism which I hate" shouldn't be a dilemma at all. Yes, capitalism's failings are numerous, but it's not an absolute evil. For one, it seems to be the best way of producing nice entertainment. I don't see much wrong with that.

@applebaps my specific disagreement here is that I don't see it as endemic to capitalism. Absolutes don't work in life in general, and capitalism is just one manifestation of that.

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