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Ivan Sagalaev @isagalaev@mastodon.social

@asolovyov sounds like right on the money! Thanks for the pointer :-)

@vegai hm… I'd say expressiveness helps way more while reading code than writing it. It can easily be abused though, but it's up to an individual programmer to use language features properly.

Question for people! I want to write a custom WYSIWYG editor for my blog. Last time I checked the options (a few years back) I found Quill but never got to actually trying it. Is it still a good option?

I specifically am not looking for things with pre-made UI because I want a completely custom UI. I need a lower-level library to handle the actual editing, switching modes, output formats, etc.

@nkanaev by the way, I've read through the reasoning of why not "as name" in PEP 572 and it left me unconvinced :-) The recurring point of it's not sticking out enough compared to ":=" is exactly why I prefer it! So I'm in your camp here :-)

@ckarner people using 2.x have only themselves to blame, really. The amount of nursing, nose-wiping and cajoling they received from the project leaders was more than enough for everyone who wanted to switch.

@ckarner mmm… Try that in a modern Python may be? :-)

@nkanaev I don't think it's about characters, I think it's about parsing being more complex (I'm guessing).

About that `if (name := expression)` syntax, and why it's not `if expression as name:`

Apparently the former works better in list comprehensions:

[y for x in items if (y := f(x)) is not None]

Makes sense…

@Maltimore as my colleague put it about what did it: "it's not the argument, it's people being terrible people to him"

@hollyamory I don't dispute your good intention! I simply wonder how do they manage to do it for so long then?

@hollyamory Got it. I'm wary of free services though… When the enthusiasm of service owners wears out it may either become ad supported or simply close down.

@minx but an imaging library and a matrix manipulation library are on different levels, aren't they? Could you elaborate how you use one instead of another?

@hollyamory but… (and it's a genuine question) why not just run a personal blog anywhere, on a personal domain?

Swearing is like spice: you should use it, for the language to have a taste.
But be very careful with the amount, or it all will just become a waste.

@amiloradovsky thank you, that is a very concise way to put what I was trying to awkwardly explain to people saying "swearing is part of the language" to defend doing it all the time.

Also, doing nothing is very, very exhausting.

There's one thing that immediately disqualifies a technical person in my eyes: when they start working on a ticket in the bug tracker and immediately reach to the reporter asking everything that's already there in the description. Don't know why, but I just can't stand it.