So instead of my usual scorn, cynicism and bashing of various technologies I thought I'd share something that got me excited recently…

The Pandemic Heroes Who Gave us the Gift of Time and Gift of Information

Moderna’s vaccine was apparently designed in just a few days, over a weekend, after the genetic sequence became available on January 10th, 2020.

Here’s why that date matters: the sequence was published ten days before China acknowledged the severity of the problem by admitting sustained human-to-human transmission and shutting down the city of Wuhan, on January 20th. The sequence was published while China—and the WHO, which depended on China for information—were still downplaying what was going on, in their official statements. The sequence wasn’t published in an official document. Instead, it was published independently in an open-source depository by Yong-Zhen Zhang, a professor at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and School of Public Health.

HN discussion:

#ZeynepTufekci #COVID19 #YongZhenZhang #OpenAccess #vaccines #censorship #genomes #PublicGenome #OpenSource

@rixx this is one of the *best kept* Python secrets, really :-)

I'm trying to make an app and I find that the docs on is one of the shittiest I ever had to work with. It usually goes like this:

- Find a topic on the site, realize you're being shown the most basic, useless example of something that doesn't give links to any of the ways you'd actually want to extend it.

- Then search the Internet, trying to guess which of the solutions are not obsolete or over-engineered.

How do normal people do it?

@zeri no judgment from me! :-) I'm just trying to find a good replacement for the venerable RunKeeper…

@aral "Look at all this you are getting for free, please pay us"


From today's #Python class:

import re
s = 'abbcccddddeeeee'
re.findall('d{1, 4}', s)


[ ]

Why? Because of the space before the 4!

I've been teaching #regexps for years, and never knew that {min,max} cared about whitespace before/after the comma.


Ordered myself a new pair of Nike Pegasus. The old pair was good *) for 500 miles, time for a refresh!

*) One of them did develop a hole above the thumb though, but it's the state of the sole that matters to me. Two of my previous pairs didn't have that defect, so I'm willing to write it off as a fluke.

You know, @elementary are doing everything right (their focus on privacy, having control of the desktop environment, the potential for creating a sustainable app ecosystem, etc.) and I consider it a personal failing that I haven’t given it more of a chance personally.

Going to remedy that soon… maybe I’ll start by playing with their upcoming 6.0 release on my PineBook Pro :)

@cj @Argus fair enough. Those aren't mutually exclusive, and I believe in people's ability to make their own judgment. Just thought I had to give a fair warning, using my own experience.

@Argus ahem… Given that you're writing it right after boosting Ro from playviscious, your perception may be a bit skewed. He's one of the most toxic people I've had displeasure to encounter on the Internet, so I would take his "the fedi hates you if you're Black" with a grain of salt. It may be that the fedi hates him specifically.

(Having said that, I tried to avoid him for a long time, so my impression may be less accurate by now. Although I don't believe anything has changed, frankly.)

@trevdev this is one of those things I keep in mind when someone preaches how wonderfully we would all live together if it wasn't for a handful of evil sociopath billionaires/capitalist/dictators etc. (add any flavor). No, it's not a handful. The majority of people are pretty selfish and will throw others under the bus if they gain anything from it. The only reason our society exists is that people aren't *actively* malevolent either.

So whenever you feel inclined to talk about progressive policies, civil liberties and other inspired ideals, please remind yourself that people of this country cleared grocery stores out of toilet paper out of sole fear that "other" people would do it before them.

They did it in your liberal city, your conservative small town, on the coast, in the fly-over country, be they hipsters, rednecks, farmers or yuppies. They did it twice.

This country is beyond salvation…

re: US pol 

@isagalaev I 100% agree with you in fact, I've been avoiding giving any political donations to mainstream Democrat organizations and have been supporting Justice Democrats. Also just discovered the Working Families Party, which has a whole video explaining why they're maintaining their identity as a distinct party but supporting selected Democratic candidates.

@Argus or as one might put it, WordPress is now simply a part of Fediverse.

For some reason I keep being surprised by the dumb things that are gendered.

Dear American friends and followers: health care enrollment - - is now open and the deadline for it is December 15th. There hasn't been a major announcement from the U.S. Government about that because of course there hasn't and fuck you that's why, but if this matters to you at all I suspect it matters to you a lot. Please tell your friends, and don't sleep on this, this year of all years.

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