@njoseph_1 looks like I should be the one who tries it out and blogs about it :-)

Dear Lazyverse! Anyone tried lambda.cd for some real work? What's your impression?

Got a MacBook at work. Boy is this thing oversaturated! How people do not see it?

@nolan this part, finding evidence is what killed my blogging. I just stopped caring enough to do it :-(

@Alisca it would've helped if the joke wasn't a few years too stale :-) Sorry!

@freakboy3742 have you taken up exercising or something? You look younger :-)

@nein09 ah! I asked because the only lighthouse I know "nearby" in Washington is in Westport on the ocean shore. So I thought may be there was one closer…

@wftl what sent markets into panic was the sensationalist yelling about Musk getting more and more out of control and losing his mind. None of which is true, but it totally works as any propaganda, and there's a lot of effort to discredit Musk and Tesla. And it does smell very much intentional, especially so when there's a clear motive for shorters to do it.

Another reason I’m glad Google Reader is gone: it left room for third party readers to flourish, some of which are now focusing on privacy.

Feedbin: Private by default


@Tyrent I've seen the thread after I posted the reply :-)

I'm strongly of the opinion that you have to have RSS (or Atom, etc) in order to actually have a blog. Otherwise you just have a website with some pages on it, no matter what you call it.

@balancer чёрт… Нахлынули воспоминания :-) У меня это ещё всё было на советской Электронике МС-1502б которая висла всё время :-)

P.S. Конечно, формально CGA — это четыре цвета, один из которых, формально чёрный, был цвета твоего погашенного телевизора :-)

@Tyrent looks like you want to create a venv for python3, but your system can't find `python3` command. Which OS is that?

Also, the preferred way to create venvs in all modern Pythons is not through any system wrapper like `virtualenv`, but directly with Python: `python3 -m venv my_venv`

@liam like, kilometers? With all them Brits around awake and watching?

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