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Ivan Sagalaev @isagalaev@mastodon.social

@asolovyov just wait a few years, you'll get your life back :-) It's going to be different, of course, but you'll get time to tinker with interesting stuff again.

I'm going to be really sad in a couple years when Google turns off email.

@asolovyov oh yes, that is very, very familiar :-) I became a strong believer in a theory that focus and creativity share a common pool of resources. So after a day with a little child you simply can't do anything with your brains any more!

@Antanicus it is effectively a one part of classical ratatouille.

@Antanicus well, this particular one kinda is, sorry :-) Not trying to discourage or anything, but I wouldn't considered sauteéing three vegetables a complete dish. Also, lacking starch, it isn't very nutritious. Add a huge hunk of bread to that!

Sounds to me like third party Twitter clients should re-tool for the Fediverse and re-launch their apps after writing an open letter telling the world that Twitter is dead

@asolovyov anyway, how are you these days? Clojuring? :-)

@asolovyov I remember a question from the audience on my second Exception conf in Kiev about how I lost so much weight (15 kg). Didn't expect it from mostly male nerd crowd!

Every time I see a GDPR email, I read “we take privacy and security seriously. But not seriously enough to have done this without being forced to, in order to keep making money.”

Observation 3 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Otters are cute!!!

Observation 2 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Gender neutral restrooms mean a much longer wait for men. So if there's a reason to have separate ones it's not social or political. It's a recognition of the fact that having faster processing device for simpler workloads alongside the regular ones is more efficient.

Observation 1 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Having an electric car gives an advantage of a few free EV-only parking spots on an otherwise fully packed lot. Plus a charging station, of course, even though I didn't need it this time.

@offby1 say hello to Russel from me :-) I couldn't make it to this PyCon…

I feel like I always wanna code in #rust, but I’m so new to it, and it’s so hard to wrap my head around it.

I can spin something up in #Python with no problems, but I always drift back to just *wanting* to do rust things. :/

@StuC but modern businesses learned to deal with it pretty efficiently: there are only a few building developers owning everything and the conditions are pretty much the same everywhere. Sure, capitalism works when there's competition, but it's an increasingly rare situation on "free" markets.

Took me a few months, but I've finally finished this piece on post-work society: theguardian.com/news/2018/jan/

It's a good, leveled overview of pros and cons of the ideas in this space.