Awesome! Starship SN15 stuck the landing! No major explodey events during or after the flight.

Personal tech direction musing 

@22 sometimes you don't have to choose. My daily work is and , but my side project is an Android app, so it would be insane to not use .

@bonzoesc @ChaosSkeleton "can go where cars already go" — well, it actually can't. Which is kind of the point.


@ksteimel it's the recipes. For some reason their author feel compelled quoting lower and lower numbers. My guess is those are just retroactive estimates of how long people "feel" it took them.

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

@dima this is what I struggled to understand when Instagram first appeared: what's the point, if you can post pictures perfectly well on Twitter? Filters? Or just novelty? Same feeling here about Pixelfed. I just don't get it :-)

No, I get it why you want to "quit capitalism", given it's usually assumed to be this American ideological disaster we can all witness. What I don't get is why you want to go straight to socialism? Had it occurred to you, my young fellow with a burning heart for change, that there may be more human, healthy, working alternatives to both?

CNN says the White House is discussing a new plan to expand domestic, warrantless surveillance of Americans—by paying private companies to infiltrate and report on the private social media groups of those it categorizes as "suspected extremists."

@kravietz well, that's not really "disappeared" in the sense that if/when we stop wearing masks, it's going to be back.

They gave me a *free snack* at the site! I did not expect such a service.

But the important part is getting that vaccine, of course.

@kensanata hey that's exactly what I'm aiming for with my shopping list. Good to know I'm not alone in thinking about it as a feature.

@surma I would add low-latency to the requirements. My bandwidth is enough for most things but waiting half a second to several seconds on tiny UI interactions sucks.

@baldur I, for one, seriously think the world needs more landscape painters and nude models and less software developers (of any kind).

Finally made some time to implement UI for assigning categories to my groceries. It's rudimentary and hideous, but now I can add some actual color!

And now comes the time for my kid to take part in the development process, as I promised her she's going to help me choose the palette :-)


@CodingItWrong no middle ground? I can say for myself I did a reasonable effort to stay safe and keep others safe, but "everything I could"? I don't know… Probably not.

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