Waymo vs. Tesla autonomous drive between the same two points. The first direct comparison of self-driving tech I've seen. youtube.com/watch?v=sibfRCgMiF

@Obscurequokka thankfully, here the platform itself doesn't go out of its way to present enraging/engaging views in your face :-) That was the reason I quit Twitter. Here, you just unfollow.


The target audience for these sorts of things aren't necessarily technical people or folks with a good understanding of how online privacy works and a lot of them probably have this underlying idea that since Google is a legitimate successful company that they're not going to do anything too bad.

(Yes, stop laughing.)

So coming across as calm and evenhanded will keep them from dismissing you as a zealot.

‘developers (and companies) aren't immutable. Because I've been lucky enough to work in environments that allow people to really flourish, I've seen a lot of people go from unremarkable to amazing. Because most companies invest pretty much nothing in helping people, you can do really well here without investing much effort.‘ —#DanLuu


I will never stop quoting thing.

@Obscurequokka I tried doing that myself — following those I don't exactly agree with — but it gets really exhausting over time to keep yourself from jumping into (mostly pointless) discussions. So I usually, eventually unsubscribe :-)


On a third try, I think I've got the hang of making a pie dough. The filling is spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella. Another vegetarian option in my toolbox.


@gedvondur I always assumed his fame was mostly due to Terminator 2. Which *does* have a compelling story around the time travel paradox and inevitability of things.

@cadadr interesting... Thanks for taking the time to explain!

@cadadr wait, I thought you were in Turkey at the moment, do you need a permission to move to a city inside the same country?

Today I learned people invented yet another way to waste time, Clubhouse, and it's ridiculously lame. My trust in humanity has taken a blow.

@gedvondur it's just this kind of Sunday with nothing else to do…

On a whim, just went through the house and tightened screws in all the door knobs. Feel like I DID SOMETHING!

This sounds ingenious! The great bubble barrier, keeping plastic out of the ocean:


A Case Study in Not Being a Jerk in Open Source - Destroy All Software: destroyallsoftware.com/blog/20

Guess who represents the jerks here?

Gotta say, @futzle profile has one of the most impressive bios I've ever seen! About that timezone thing :-)

Today I learned there is such a thing as a one-click installable managed Mastodon on Digital Ocean. Didn't realize how much mainstream it has already become!


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