Also, this was a long, drawn out, completely inefficient, no good work week. And yes, I know it's already Sunday. This is how bad it was.

@thegibson I'd amend that in the way that profit-driven development is okay for things that add extra value on top of a solid, agreed-upon basis, which should be community-owned.

And this, kids, is how you talk about failings of without invoking none of the genocidal leninist shit as a "healthy alternative".

If you post something publicly on a frigging *social network* you don't get to complain that people react to it. This is a general expectation from things posted publicly in a place literally intended to conduct conversations.

If you don't want that, either limit the recipients or just plainly state "I'm not interested in replies," or some such.

@tsturm @nolan what surprises me is that people don't seem to see gigantic config files as a problem. In the past few years, whenever I tried to explain the notion of "convention over configuration" I invariably got blank stares of "what is he babbling about"?

Game room bookcase.

This new bookcase officially signifies re-assignment of our "formal dining" room into a role of a game room, which is how we actually use it. It was a pain in the ass bringing all the game stuff from another room every night.

@Lyude @haskal I looked into your profile, yes :-)

Then you probably know better than me that developing desktop software for, say, Linux doesn't pay directly. Not unless you're hired because of it.

Having said that, I doubt programming for Windows is profitable these days either. All indie dev seem to have shifted to mobile where it's mostly selling user data to facebooks and whatnot.

@Lyude @haskal I was replying specifically to the phrase "developing for unix" which I interpreted as desktop unix-like systems, because it was in contrast to developing for Windows.

@haskal and there's no hope for making any money from it :-) Not directly, anyway.

fragile white folks with guns 

@craigmaloney "described herself as outgoing and friendly and said she is not racist". I wonder what she thinks "racist" does mean…


- Clojure, because it's a thoughtfully designed language based on all correct principles (being a Lisp is a consequence of that)

- Python, more warty but is the best balance between expressiveness and productivity, + huge community and library support

- Rust, one of the few C++ competitors, which is modern, higher level, while still being just as fast.


@gedvondur I have to say this about my school district (western Washington), they basically translate the simple message of "we're going to listen to health officials and do whatever they say". That's despite pushing from parents who (like me) are fed up with home schooling and want it all to be over. But thankfully they don't listen to us :-)

More and more often, I'm deleting forum posts and toots as I'm writing them.

I don't feel like contributing or offering a different perspective is appreciated or makes any difference. Howling into the void.

@gedvondur I feel you bro! :-) More often than not, unless you're just cheering the original message you get treated as being from an "opposite camp" and just get slammed with aggression.

The name of the Sahara comes from an Arabic phrase, aṣ-ṣaḥrāʼ al-kubrá (الصحراء الكبرى‎) meaning "The Greatest Desert". But it was not always a desert.

The climate of North Africa has a slowly varying cycle, and every 20000 years, the Sahara goes from hot desert to wet grassland and back.

5 or 6 millennia ago, the Sahara was green and full of lakes.

@dredmorbius aside: "samizdat" may be a fun word for your next occasional etymology foray :-) I don't really know how obvious or well-known it is for English speakers.

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