@EdS @readsteven not to downplay the investigation, but the thread actually starts with them using a reverse image search, Pimeyes.

"Why Do Rich People Love Quiet?"


Your cultural bias is showing, Atlantic. I loved quiet my entire life, even when having two hotdog sausages for dinner wasn't an everyday occurrence, and when making it in life meant being able to afford a car.

People have different preferences. It's that simple.

Remember how I's complainin' about all intrestn' things I wanted to watch being 3+ hours long and I hadn't got no damn time for all of 'em? Well, here's another one: youtube.com/watch?v=I845O57ZSy

Thanks, Universe, I guess…

Oh and now you don't have any time left in your life either :-) You're welcome!

Apparently there’s been Discourse™ about working for “evil” companies, and it’s been really toxic, and it’s been everywhere but in my feed. I see no trace of it except for a couple of metametamentions.

You’re good people.

I saw clouds in the sky today.

If you don't find it remarkable, you don't live where I live.

@yisraeldov hm... I still call myself that after doing it for 20+ years.

@ehashman your request is accepted. Estimated time to repair is approximately one month.

@amikigu @relee I'm reading it right now, enjoying a lot. Not sure why you think it contradicts my point. Empires were made by humans, all over the world, many times. That other humans managed to live without them doesn't make them any less of a human invention.

@tsturm the plaque sounds quintessentially British to me. Wouldn't have guessed it was America :-)

re: linux laptop is pretty not bad? 

@craigmaloney @evilchili this is some kind of myth? My Thinkpad X1 Carbon has Intel graphics only, and works smoothly at 2560x1440. Gnome (with fractional scaling!), full screen videos, etc. It's around 5 years old, and my previous Thinkpad was no slouch either.

linux laptop is pretty not bad? 

@evilchili you're lucky then. After my first Thinkpad where I couldn't see individual pixels there's no going back for me.

linux laptop is pretty not bad? 

@evilchili also, a 1920x1080 screen. I'm so mad at Linux laptop manufacturers for sticking with these for so long. It's not okay.

@oppen it's a cargo cult. You're supposed to do it because everyone does it.

@22 @babelcarp oh no, I don't even remember where I learned about it, it's been sitting on my shelf for half a year now!

@22 @babelcarp reading it now too. A bit behind you, but I already agree on how profound it is.

The best TL;DR of what #web3 is.
By @laura at her talk "Web3 - creating problems where we need solutions" (vimeo.com/677162808)

Trying to read a book (of the regular, paper variety) while watching my kid running around with her friends playing with water guns. Don't know why I thought it might work...

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