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@requiem when I read "arriving late" my reaction was "no shit!" :-)

@ericflo I always thought it's them discouraging human farms of captcha breakers.

@craigmaloney @temujin9 uhm… what is there to fix? Money is a useful concept, and the only workable (however flawed) solution we have to make up for people's efforts. If anything needs fixing is the religious aversion of some FLOSS people to even thinking about the money side of things.

@trevdev I wouldn't put much into this endorsement. Microsoft is known for creating really good conditions for the select few (which is why we have C# and TypeScript, for example). But it has absolutely nothing to do with the general attitude of the company towards open source, or any other such grand thing.

@evilchili oh I didn't mean historically, I meant why they still do… (and I got my answers!)

Okay, my informal research so far is showing that users really value the convenience of not having to bend wrists farther than it's comfortable. That's something I can understand. Thanks everyone!

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@maridonkers but why is this something to avoid? They're, like, only a couple of centimeters farther than `/`.

@sose oh I never meant anything about the mouse, by the way…

@meisam fascinating! Do you have a picture of the keyboard?

@musicmatze I never found typing speed was a significant factor in my performance as a programmer. I tend to think about what to type way, way longer than I do typing itself. (Hence me qualifying that as mythology.)

@gedvondur I personally use it whenever I need to edit things over ssh. Simply because it's available everywhere, and it's something I learned when I first time encountered at a Unix terminal.

Why users of insist on using hjkl for moving the cursor when the dedicated arrow keys work just as well?

I'm dreading the answer is the mythology of faster typing because those arrow keys are so far away, but I refuse to accept so many people actually believe this, so there's probably a legitimate reason?

@cadadr big congratulations! This year I was able to finally start managing my mail in a way that I almost always have an empty inbox, so I can relate to the feeling :-)

@craigmaloney IRC was pretty absent from my life for the 20 or so years of my career. I used it occasionally and even tried to write an IRC client, but it faded away. Email is indispensable though.

@technomancy +1! And I mean, I'm pretty sure most people have to actually mouse-over the emojis to understand what the hell they mean. That should be a pretty good indication that it's crap.

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