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18. Wife looked at the problem outside the box and didn't believe it was the last faucet in the universe, so we looked in other places.

19. Lowe's doesn't carry them, but Amazon does!

20. Ordered one (hopefully identical) faucet from Amazon, delivery expected on Monday. Waiting…


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15. Oh, but they do sell them, but only as a two-pack. The obvious solution: dismantle the one I already installed, return it to the store, get a two-pack instead. (Yay, Ivan gets to remove *and* install the faucet one extra time!)

16. Only… The two-pack is out of stock too (I'm still on the phone with the support human.) I bought *the last normal faucet* in the entire Home Depot retail network.

17. Still, I can return it and find a different one.


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(One day before.)

11.1. Spent an evening installing the new faucet. Compared to my plumbing memories from Soviet Union this stuff is EASY!

11.2. Except for the drain part. Too many moving parts and a lot of messing with sealant. Fun fact, I used the sealant I brought with from Moscow 10 years ago 🙂

(Back to present.)

14. The support human offered to re-order it for me only to find out they don't sell these faucets anymore.

(Ominous awkward pause.)


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10. They only had one faucet left, even though their System said there should be three.

11. Bought the one they had and ordered a second one to be delivered, possibly from another store (I didn't care from where).

11. After the order didn't arrive in two days, called customer support.

12. The robot informed me my order "has been canceled, what else can we do for you?"

13. Pushed through to talk to a human, who didn't know the reason for cancellation.


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7. Called a handyman who looked outside the box and told me to not bang my head against the screw and just replace the whole faucet. It's 10+ years old.

8. I need to identical faucets for two sinks.

9. Went to Home Depot and out of dozens of faucets found *one* model that a) would fit and b) is not stupidly short.

(By the way, what is it with this modern trend of short faucets where you need to push you hands into the sink's back side to catch some water?)


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3. WD-40 didn't help, decided to try brute force, ripped off the hexagonal head of the screw.

4. Went to Home Depot for a screw extractor and also picked up some anti corrosion solution.

5. Soaked overnight, tried to extract the screw — it didn't budge.

6. More drilling and more brute force with the screw extractor — ripped off the thread on the extractor, but the remains of the screw still hold the casing in place, and it's impossible to extract it.


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Epic Story time.

I have two sinks in the bathroom side by side, with identical two-handle faucets. One of them developed a leak, so I set out to fix it, using materials left from fixing of its brother some months ago.

1. It all starts with a small hidden Allen screw which is usually stuck with scale deposit and requires soaking in vinegar.

2. Vinegar didn't help, went to Home Depot for WD-40 (probably wrong choice, but decided to try).


board games for sale, boardgame geek GeekMarket link 

@craigmaloney TIL there's a market for old board games. I mean, of course there is, but now I know where :-)

Angry about Americans and Date Formats 

@kensanata @tsturm Soviet Union: 11/VI/21 (not kidding)

@zholobov it's gotten more political in a few last years, but so did life :-) I like that he doesn't take sides and just calls out bullshit when he sees it.

@zholobov oh, there's a whole backstory to it. Sinfest is one of the comic strips where story lines last for a long time and can't be easily summed up (at least I can't).

The hats there mean brainwashing powers from R and D sides of America that just make people repeat soundbites and hate each other. This particular strip is mocking wokeness in its toxic form, when it preaches love but acts just like a hate religion built around particular virtue signaling.

What is it with "modern web apps" that even a menu of links can be broken and not work!!!???

And don't even start asking me what browser am I using. It's an effing LINK! You don't need a tiered browser support policy for a @^#% LINK to work on a #&%^ WEB!


Just saw the new Volkswagen ID.4 on the road for the first time. Teslas and Bolts are already old thing here, but VWs, Mustangs Mach-E and others are starting to show up too.

(P.S. Yes, I know all about virtues of bikes and public transport, spare me the preaching. I just like cars.)

Good story on the history of Haiti showing how poverty of Black countries around the world has nothing to do with the myth of their citizens' "innate laziness".

@mara thanks! Sounds very intriguing :-) I love bare-bones low-tech looking tools that are nonetheless quite smart underneath. This sounds like one.

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