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Every time I see a GDPR email, I read “we take privacy and security seriously. But not seriously enough to have done this without being forced to, in order to keep making money.”

Observation 3 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Otters are cute!!!

Observation 2 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Gender neutral restrooms mean a much longer wait for men. So if there's a reason to have separate ones it's not social or political. It's a recognition of the fact that having faster processing device for simpler workloads alongside the regular ones is more efficient.

Observation 1 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Having an electric car gives an advantage of a few free EV-only parking spots on an otherwise fully packed lot. Plus a charging station, of course, even though I didn't need it this time.

I feel like I always wanna code in #rust, but I’m so new to it, and it’s so hard to wrap my head around it.

I can spin something up in #Python with no problems, but I always drift back to just *wanting* to do rust things. :/

Took me a few months, but I've finally finished this piece on post-work society:

It's a good, leveled overview of pros and cons of the ideas in this space.

Mexican architect Javier Senosiain specialises in sustainable "organic architecture" and it's pretty cool. #solarpunk

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Friend to friend: When you make a release please take a few minutes to make a human-readable changelog of what has changed since the last release?

Your commit-messages are not a changelog.

Let me re-iterate:

Your commit-messages are _not_ a changelog.

A changelog allows me to follow what you were thinking between releases.

A commit log shows me your keystrokes between releases.

I need to know what you were thinking.

Thank you.

Between IndexedDB, SQLite, and PostgresQL, I'm convinced that the more unpronounceable a database is, the more popular it will be

An incredibly insightful and informative article on how C execution model shapes modern CPUs, what's wrong with it, and what are the alternatives:

(And I thought at first it was just a rant.)

(1/2) One problem with zero-cost abstractions (I'm primarily thinking about #Rust, but other things qualify too — e.g. macros and inline functions in C) is that they are hard to reverse engineer (that includes writing a decompiler). By definition, abstractions are zero-cost when high-level semantics get compiled away and don't result in a different code compared to a manual low-level implementation.

“In summary, it is possible to make C code run quickly but only by spending thousands of person-years building a sufficiently smart compiler—and even then, only if you violate some of the language rules. Compiler writers let C programmers pretend that they are writing code that is "close to the metal" but must then generate machine code that has very different behavior if they want C programmers to keep believing that they are using a fast language.” 😹

Well, that's it. is closed. I'd like to thank all the people who allowed this place to exist, and that means not only of course @Alda and the great moderator staff but also @Gargron and all the people who contributed to Mastodon, not only code but everyone who made the Fediverse what it is today in so little time. Yeah, actually that's all of us. Congratulations, us, we did a great job.

On I learnt that social networks could be a really nice way to communicate and I got to meet so many great people ! I'm really grateful for that. All the positive things that happen there are the reasons why I wanted so much to open my own instance and stay in the Fediverse, so thank you for all that. As for the negative things, well I guess they're part of any political process so I take it as a proof that things are happening involving pationate people. I really wished we all learnt to handle disagreements without turning them into conflicts, though.

I'm not worried at all about «disappearing». wasn't only a place, it was people and we're not disappearing : on the contrary, we got scattered all over the place ! Now everywhere's gonna be a little. Bye, 💚

Before my wife started to use Lyft regularly I was sure there are no women drivers working in ride sharing. But she gets them all the time, so it's apparently some option in the driver's app to limit rider's gender. It's sad that in our society women don't feel comfortable driving men... And to me it's another reminder that men don't really see the same world where women live, and we simply don't get to theorize about it, and not in a position to give advice. Which I always try to keep in mind.

At a local Bed, Bath and beyond. Weed became normal pretty quickly, I think.

France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

Upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04. I wonder if Gnome is usable on a HiDPI screen this time.

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