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This just turned my entire understanding of nutrition upside down. Apparently, you simply can't universally say which food is "healthy", it varies per person. Literally, ice cream can be more healthy for a given person than rice.

Watch it, it really makes sense:

My privacy policy is that I will forget who you are and everything about you if you change your avatar

There are so-o-o many programming talks and articles starting on the same premise, "We wrote something and over time it got difficult to maintain, so we decided… to rewrite it in another language".

Why are you so sure the problem is the *language* and not you? Could it be that you just suck at engineering? I'd understand if the language was notoriously hard, like C++, or very new, like, say, Elm. But if you do stuff in Java/Python/Go then there's proof out there that those generally work.

By 35, you should ignore what other people tell you what you should have done by 35

I'm going to be really sad in a couple years when Google turns off email.

Sounds to me like third party Twitter clients should re-tool for the Fediverse and re-launch their apps after writing an open letter telling the world that Twitter is dead

Every time I see a GDPR email, I read “we take privacy and security seriously. But not seriously enough to have done this without being forced to, in order to keep making money.”

Observation 3 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Otters are cute!!!

Observation 2 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Gender neutral restrooms mean a much longer wait for men. So if there's a reason to have separate ones it's not social or political. It's a recognition of the fact that having faster processing device for simpler workloads alongside the regular ones is more efficient.

Observation 1 from the visit to Seattle zoo today. Having an electric car gives an advantage of a few free EV-only parking spots on an otherwise fully packed lot. Plus a charging station, of course, even though I didn't need it this time.

I feel like I always wanna code in #rust, but I’m so new to it, and it’s so hard to wrap my head around it.

I can spin something up in #Python with no problems, but I always drift back to just *wanting* to do rust things. :/

Took me a few months, but I've finally finished this piece on post-work society:

It's a good, leveled overview of pros and cons of the ideas in this space.

Snooker World Championship 

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