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Another reason I’m glad Google Reader is gone: it left room for third party readers to flourish, some of which are now focusing on privacy.

Feedbin: Private by default

I'm strongly of the opinion that you have to have RSS (or Atom, etc) in order to actually have a blog. Otherwise you just have a website with some pages on it, no matter what you call it.

when youre young, u have a lot of energy & drive and ur impatient, so u never end up finishing anything. when you get older u gain patience, the patience required to never start anything

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If your are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."

Terry Pratchett

"La satire a pour but de ridiculiser le pouvoir. Si vous vous moquez des gens qui sont déjà blessés, ce n'est pas de la satire, c'est du harcèlement."

Predictably, unsalted potato chips turned out to be rubbish. But I had to try them!

"What do sex workers want"

Excellent systematic evidence-base case for decriminalization of sex work. If you care about human rights, it's a good thing to listen to and spread.

Woohoo! I finally have working home backups again!

In other news, looks like recovering data from my old dead NAS is a forgone case, as it's going to cost close to a thousand dollars, and even though I do value some of my old videos, it's just too much :-(

Знакомый с некоторыми тюркскими корнями всегда ржал над населённым пунктом «Красный Кут». При чём я даже как-то этимологией не интересовался, крайний же юг, так и думал, что оттуда корень. Но, однажды, полез посмотреть. А «кут» на старом русском — «угол» :) Ср. — «закуток» :)

You know how when facing a difficult choice between two alternatives they tell you to put pros of each choice on a two-sided list? Well, they never tell you what to do when both columns come up as perfectly equal!

It's been several hours, and I can't decide. And I need to do it today…

(Sorry, just venting here!)

mildly nsfw, Paleolithic nudes compared to modern nudes 

What more fitting way to name a robotics team than to give the task to a neural net? This one was trained on 6k names from FIRST robotics.

Definitely don't mess with team WALKS THE MEATS.

I'm in the market for a home backup/media storage. The main use case is storing backups of my Ubuntu laptop. The most important feature is the absence of required maintenance. Would be also nice if it could stream video (right now I'm running Plex on my laptop).

Any suggestions? I heard nice things about Synology, but last time I checked it was expensive enough to give me second thoughts.

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