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@isagalaev I made a typo, it's 5.8" not 6.8" and fits into what is essentially the 4.7" iPhone body.

Yukk! Firefox just inserted two ad thumbnails (Google and Amazon) into my top sites on the New Tab page. Never did that before. I really, really hope it's a glitch :-(

Help fund Django by buying PyCharm! Until November 1st you get 30% off and all proceeds go to the DSF! More info here Please share far and wide to help us reach our funding goals!

In a year or two I'll probably have to replace my phone. And I'm dreading the fact that a "phone" today is a 6-inch slab, which I definitely don't want. Wouldn't it be nice if any company still made normal sized devices which I could carry in a pocket and use with one hand…

(Just ranting here, move along.)

Whoa, you know what I did today? CSS! Honest to god, handcrafted, no-nonsense CSS. Feels… about as weird and painful as when I last did it several years ago.

(I'm trying to revive my blog, and the best way to start is to fiddle with something irrelevant :-) )

Excellent visual interactive representation of population density

(Humans seem to prefer warmer climates.)

Today I learned that satellites use electricity and ion drives to do maneuvering in space. Yes, for real!

Looking for an uncomplicated music player for Android to play music from my SD card. I tried to ignore Google's built-in app's increasingly less subtle attempts to sell me their streaming service, but it crossed the line when it started injecting some random songs right into my play list.

I cant wait for the headline.
"Last living member with an email address has passed away."

Just talked to a technical support person from a major financial institution who didn't recognize the word "Linux". And neither she recognized "Ubuntu". And didn't expect me to use Firefox (Chrome and Edge were the first two choices).

All of that reminds me that my idea of how the world of computers looks to the general public is hopelessly out of date. May be I should just give up :-(

@isagalaev My assumption is that it'll get good enough for 99% of the cases, just like compiler-generated assembly is mostly better than human-written assembly except for those times when you need that hand-tuned dispatcher or whatever. It doesn't have the decades of work behind it yet.

Daniel Lemire says WebAssembly compiled from C runs slower than the same task coded in JS:

That surprising! Or is it something everyone knows already? Why even bother then?

It's this time of the year again when I bemoan the complete absence of care of the makers of a popular operating system Ubuntu about making it usable on a popular laptop Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

I'm using "usable" literally: you have a choice between everything being huge, not fitting on the screen and everything being tiny and making your head hurt.

P.S. No, I don't mean GNOME devs owe me anything, I'm just upset :-(

A white guy explaining to white people what they don't get about the state of living of the black people. And does it very clearly. I wish all political commentary was that simple and to the point.

"Unaccountable men with guns."

More general question: what is a good place to drop in and ask about idiomatic ways to solve common problems?

StackOverflow? IRC?

question: I have a .yaml file where I want to put placeholders and replace them with some concrete strings from a map. What's the recommended way to do it?

(I've found `selmer`, and it works, but I don't really need all the HTML handling story. And more lightweight options?)

Firefox is removing RSS features, but defaults to allowing third-party cookies.

Firefox, your priorities are wrong.

Remove the old RSS code, make it new. Block third-party cookies.

Or drop RSS like it was gopher+, and block third-party cookies.

Or ignore everything I've said and block third-party cookies.

«Профдеформация». Читаю бумажную брошюру. Нужно узнать время. Бросаю взгляд в верхний правый угол брошюры :)

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