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Now this is excruciating… 

There's a new book by Ann Leckie coming up, The Raven Tower, and I kinda want to read it, based on the Ancillary trilogy, because that one was unusual, and I like me some space opera ones in a while… On the other hand I didn't like it *that* much, despite its critical acclaim… But on the other hand it's a good idea to try something else by the same author to really understand if you didn't like the style or that particular book series…

This is excruciating.

@isagalaev it's quite rewarding to realize stuff like that on your own though! Same applies to ovens and cooking pizza, the end result will vary a lot.

(Yeah, I know there are no actual "sides" on a circle grill, but you know what I mean :-) The peripheral area.)


Today, after 7 or 8 years of grilling burgers on a round Webber charcoal grill I've finally realized what I've been doing wrong.

The center of the grill is much (much!) hotter than the sides! I've been grilling patties on the side, often only covering a small part of the bottom grill with charcoal, and they've always been coming out dry and under-seared.

I tried a lot of silly ideas, and never ever had a thought that the heat might be uneven depending on the place.

In a post-Twitter world, I honestly have no idea whether one of my blog posts will take off or become a dud. Someone posts it to the right subreddit, or to the right tech news aggregator, and suddenly it gets a ton of hits. Or it languishes in obscurity and I feel embarrassed to even see it in the "Recent Posts" sidebar.

Twitter has probably warped my relationship with my "audience" to an unhealthy degree. I should just publish stuff when it feels right.

Great news for people with huge faces

We went on a trip 

Finally watched the entire interview with David Pakman on Joe Rogan's podcast. Can't say I heard anything enlightening, but it's nice to hear to intelligent people having a conversation on important issues. Probably the most interesting for me was their attempt to talk through the idea of when/if/how free speech may require regulation.

Suppose a company of friends who played board games with each other for a while wants to try Dungeons & Dragons (finally). What should I read?

For years I saw this car in my neighborhood, assuming its owner simply attached some pre-printed ornamental foil.

Then one day recently, I saw this young lady squatting in front of it, edding marker in hand, carefully adding line for line.

And I realized: the whole sprawling floral madness of sea-horses, algae and jellyfish is completely handmade!

Kudos, unknown neighbor – this is what determination looks like.


Let's say it all together now:

A fingerprint is a username, not a password

"This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine" by Leon Bambrick

This is really clever and fun.

laptop batteries would last a lot longer if laptops just sent photons at our eyes instead of at a bunch of other places where we don't need them; just sayin'

It's now 12:45am where I am, and I just fixed our washing machine in a fit of offended dignity. Sure, I'm just a *software* engineer, but I'm not having some stupid *appliance* defeating me!

Now we don't need to upset all of our plans for tomorrow and rush to buy a new one.

Barnes and Noble just informed me about availability of the new Neal Stephenson's book I pre-ordered, "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell". Feels like Christmas! :-)

What I especially like is that I have absolutely no idea what it is about! It's my favorite way of reading new books or watching new movies. Trailers, pre-releases and sneak peeks be damned!

@rachel0964 Birmingham, Alabama

The way we usually describe it is "like a thrift store, except we don't charge for the stuff." People bring donations, volunteers sort them, people pick them up. Rent is covered through patreon and venmo donations

There's also a community edible garden being built in the back, plus community events and concerts. It's a really awesome little setup

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