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Finally found the time to write a blog post about improving the performance of a pytest test suite. #pytest #python #testing
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remember how good it was when you were just allowed to pause something and have it load up a video the whole way through

Every month I'm trying a new from my wall calendar. July was . These turned out tasting like… cupcakes!

There was a trap in the last sentence of the recipe: "Add frosting of your choice". And just as I suspected making frosting is about as complicated as the base. But we managed :-)

Medieval guy #1: okay so what do turtles look like
Medieval guy #2: well they live in the water
Medieval guy #1: so they're fish?
Medieval guy #2: yea. also they bite you. And they have legs
Medieval guy #1: haha weird. What else
Medieval guy #2: they have a shell
Medieval guy #1: like a snail shell?
Medieval guy #2: idk it's some sort of shell. And they can pull their head inside the shell.
Medieval guy #1: ok I think I got it. How's this look
Medieval guy #2: perfect

@isagalaev Agree 100%. It's all in the basics really, but sadly many lack the basic understanding of cooking and groceries. You can cook a 100 different meals with just the basic ingredients from the pantry by just adding and tweaking some things.

@isagalaev We are taking our kid to the farmer's market regularly and we've noticed that some of his friends when they come along have apparently never been there. These are relatively well-to-do parents and they've never shown their kids where the food really comes from.

"But even a less Instagrammable home-cooked meal isn’t as attainable as mass media makes it out to be."

As long as you can buy such "unattainables" like milk, eggs, flour, chicken, apples, potatoes, onions, etc. you can cook *heavenly* meals if you put your mind to it. Trust me you don't need açai berries, chia seeds and organic everything for eating healthy.

It gets worse:

"She couldn’t necessarily afford the foods that were being recommended."

The problem here is lack of education, if anything. Buying raw food in bulk and cooking it is actually cheaper than eating in decent places, and probably comparable in price with eating crappy fast food with an added benefit of not actively ruining your body.


"Not everybody has the time or means to cook healthy meals from scratch, so let’s not pretend it’s that simple."

No, it's not that simple, but it's not that complicated either. yourself + eating + dealing with dishes takes around an hour on average which is hardly much longer than most people spend on take-outs, and *definitely* beats any sit-in meal time.

If you want people to find your public posts on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, there's something important you need to know:


For privacy reasons, the only way to search for posts on here is by hashtag. If you don't include tags, no one will see your post in searches.

Hashtags have to be spelt exactly, so #MastoTip and #MastoTips would bring up two separate sets of results. Include multiple tags if you're not sure.

More MastoTips:


Free !

Our kid has no problem eating greens like broccoli and brussels sprouts because a) we never told her it was supposed to be disgusting, and b) we eat it ourselves.

"Billion-dollar fines can't stop Google and Facebook. That's peanuts for them"

and its ilk must be broken up and tightly regulated. The survival of and civility depend on it.

Oooh! Clever Twitter! They didn't show me all the new tweets right away, they waited until I switched tabs off of it and then back to it to dynamically show new stuff (timestamped several hours ago) as I was looking at their UI. That will definitely keep me engaged!

Had to log in to Twitter today. Just to make a conversation… Where's that bright open Web future we were all trying to build 10 years ago?

Also, what is it with all these Platforms having a panic every time I log in through a browser? Why send me an e-mail every single time?

@isagalaev After several years of low rates of smoking in public in the US, it feels like a trip back in time to see so many smokers everywhere here in London.

May I present to you... my favourite YouTube video of all time

This is one of the economic articles I could actually read and understand. It's disproving economic myths about unemployment, inflation, minimum wage, etc.

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